7 RITUALS FOR BETTER SEX đź’ž Aphrodisiacs + Practices to Amplify

7 RITUALS FOR BETTER SEX đź’ž Aphrodisiacs + Practices to Amplify

“Sex Pleasure In Woman Is A Kind Of Magic Spell; It Demands Complete Abandon; If Words Or Movement Oppose The Magic Of Caresses, The Spell Is Broken.”

~ Simone de Beauvoir, feminist writer + social theorist

Ready to elevate your sex game?

If you’re looking for medical research-backed ways to naturally boost and strengthen your immune system, improve your cholesterol levels, invigorate your heart, diminish pain intensity, have radiant skin, elevate your mood, and release feel-good endorphins, it’s true regular sex and exercise may yield similar results. Whether sex can offer a positive bump to our overall wellness depends on how mindful we are before, during, and after the act. 

Magickal sex is easier than you think.

Before these acts of connectivity, pleasure, and euphoria begin, there are many ritual practices our ancestors have been experimenting with and perfecting for centuries we can try. Indigenous peoples around the world have been spicing up their lives with the help of wise and precious plants for as long as humans have explored sexuality. In fact, some of the most potent aphrodisiacs, mojo boosters, and mood enhancers come from the jungle’s lush terrain.

Recently, we perfected a Euphoria Powder that we think will really get you going between the sheets. Today, we’re thrilled to offer you the chance to pre-order it here. And when you’re feeling charged to really get in the mood--either solo or with company--these 7 Better Sex Rituals to Try Tonight are just the thing to start your euphoric release off right. 

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Let’s put all the taboos aside and consider how both sex and witchcraft come from a very primal place. Both also leverage deeply held desires and the flow of energy. The seven sex rituals below draw from a combination of magickal spells, spiritually-influenced traditions, and other culturally and historically relevant practices developed over time and across continents. Novices to witchcraft in its many diverse forms need not be intimidated! Anyone can begin with the simplest act of cleaning one’s sacred space and body or exploring new types of breathwork.

Consider approaching this work with a curious mind, an open heart, and perhaps incorporating some of the plant guides we’ve shared below. We’re here to support your trial and error journey towards better sex in all its expansive forms . . . tonight and forever. 


While you may not be able to influence anyone else’s bedroom or “pleasure nest”, you do have control over your own space. Feeling safe, calm, and comfortable in your preferred space is essential. Start by cleansing the area in which you want to connect and transcend during sex. If you don’t have a regular Limpieza practice, try setting up an altar near your bed dedicated to a deity or spirit known to have a sacred sex connection. You can also burn some clearing herbs in the room, light a candle, or use a sound smudge (clapping, chanting, gongs, bowls, etc.). As a masturbation precursor as well as for sex with your chosen partner(s), mystic and musician Vanessa Irena suggests starting by lighting a candle or burning incense on a Friday, the day ruled by the planet Venus. 

Next, Irena recommends performing a “focused action of your choice based around sex,” such as “meditating on sex, prayer centered on healing from sexual shame or trauma, movement or dance, self-massage, or masturbation.” Your goal is to set a personal intention that sets the tone for your sexual practice before it begins, then repeat after.


Many of the world’s spiritual practitioners emphasize cleanliness as a way of life, and even more so as a prelude to prayer and other forms of worship. The ritual of bathing and other water immersions for healing has been practiced for thousands of years. Many ancient civilizations have long revered water, considering it a gift from the divine. In addition to bathing before and after sex, you may also consider washing your sheets in same ritual bath you prepare for yourself. Even beyond your physical body, there are several self-cleansing practices, ranging from cleansing the aura of past sexual partners and cutting cords, to clearing toxic energy, you may want to consider before engaging with new sexual partners, including reconnecting with yourself in masturbation. 

Zayda Rivera, usui reiki practitioner, and spiritual healer, believes “you can carry a toxic lover’s energy for seven to 30 years.” In order to liberate yourself from the past, many witches and curanderas worldwide agree that a regular shower, followed by a cleansing bath, is a great way to release negative energy from past lovers. Check out our MEDICINAL BATH GUIDE for Energetic Cleansing and Deep Relaxation to learn more about the history of cleansing baths and some of our favorite herbal bath recipes.

In The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, Bessel van der Kolk writes, “In order to change, people need to become aware of their sensations and the way that their bodies interact with the world around them. Physical self-awareness is the first step in releasing the tyranny of the past.” If you want to heighten your sexual pleasure, start by becoming aware of your own body and its many sensations. We suggest engaging in embodied practices--yoga, dance, massage, martial arts, etc.--until you find the right fit for you. Once you do, you’ll be preparing yourself for better sex without any extra effort! Embodied practices strengthen and repair mind-body-spirit connections.

While popular media teaches us how to moan and groan (for real or when “faking it”), rarely do we learn that mindful breathing is one gateway to better sex. Stress is one of the greatest roadblocks to a pleasurable sexual experience, so let’s discuss three options for using sacred breath to prepare ourselves for great sex, and enjoying the moment.

  • Try synchronizing your breath with your partner. Making this conscious effort can help deepen intimacy, and also make the physical rhythms and bodies more smoothly aligned. Integrating a breathing pattern (like the 4-7-8 “relaxing breath” technique) is a great starting point for creating harmony between partners. Good news: you can let go of the pattern whenever it feels natural.
  • Practice “orgasmic breathing”, also known as sushumna nadi pranayama. While this awesome guide to orgasmic breathing breaks down orgasmic breath step-by-step, the ultimate goal is to get your pelvic floor muscles strong. It can also “awaken stagnant energy in the body and help come into a meditative state”, according to yoga teacher and birth doula Courtney Avery.
  • Experiment with “orgasmic meditation”, also known as OM. Controversial and slightly taboo? Absolutely yes. But, also the OM technique (or your own version of it), which involves stroking the clitoris for 15 minutes while both the stroker and strokee tune in to feel every sensation in the body throughout, is a combination of meditation and arousal that is very different from foreplay. In the UK, OM has steadily gained popularity in large part due to its ability to humble male participants, deepen their curiosity and openness to female pleasure, and explore the transfer of energy without judgment, pressure, or reciprocity. If this feels too out there for you, this “orgasmic light meditation” is a great alternative.

Of note: all these breathing exercises are equally useful before and during climax!


Simply put, sex magick is a type of manifestation that harnesses sexual energy (with or without orgasm) to cast a spell for a clear goal or intention. Sex and the Supernatural by Benjamin Walker notes the earliest instances of sex magick and erotic mysticism in Central Asia, particularly in the semi-mythical kingdom known as Urgyan. For novices who want to experiment with sex magick, we recommend this in-depth look at the practice by VICE as a starting point. For those with other types of manifestation practices in their bruja toolkits, sex magick is another magical manifestation technique most experts say can be done alone or with others, provided they are also aware of the intentions being put forward (or left in the dark; no in between here) so the energy is not disrupted by any counteractive thoughts, feelings, or conflicting intentions.

Step out of your comfort zone in the name of love. Here are two lesser-known massage techniques to try on yourself or with others to relax and release more powerfully:

  • Pelvic Floor Massage. While specific massage techniques exist for lingam massage (honoring the penis) and yoni massage (honoring the vulva) in addition to other specific erogenous zones, we love The Sex Ed’s Intimate Pelvic Floor Release Massage because it can also be done alone or with company. With potential to improve quality of life and combat chronic pelvic pain syndrome, pelvic floor massages can also increase the pleasure we feel during sexual activity and strengthen our intimate relationships. 

As early as 600 CE in India, tantric sex emerged as part of a spiritual belief system known as tantra, incorporating ancient Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain traditions. In its classic form, the spiritual path of tantra centers on mindfulness and connecting beyond the self. It extends to all aspects of life, and has as its ultimate goal to achieve true enlightenment and chakra alignment. Among tantric sex’s many benefits include: freeing ourselves from expectations, bringing us mindfully back to the present moment, deepening intimate connections, and longer intercourse with intensely increased pleasure. To learn more, check out this step-by-step guide to having an energy orgasm and these 26 tips for tantric sex, including masturbation and partner play.

Now, let’s get it on! 


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Introducing our beloved aphrodisiac elixir, Euphoria, now available as a potent extract powder! An absolutely delicious, easy-to-use powder to boost mood, libido, and joy receptors. 


  • POMEGRANATE (Punica granatum) The Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite (the origin of the word for aphrodisiac), is said to have planted the first pomegranate tree in Greek mythology. Romantic symbolism, sonnets, and other literature praise her many seeds, frequently linked to fertility and abundance. In a 2007 pilot study, the University of Southern California researchers found drinking pomegranate juice had beneficial effects on erectile dysfunction (ED), and that drinking the juice daily “could be an important addition to the diet in the management of ED.” Similarly, in 2011, researchers at Queen Margaret found daily pomegranate juice drinking lowered cortisol levels, which correlated with increased testosterone levels in men and women, which is also a mood and sexual desire booster. This antioxidant healer originated in Iran, and is said to both prevent and alleviate various health issues, ranging from inflammation and organ damage to digestion, heart, and blood pressure regulation. 
  • GOJI BERRY (Lycium barbarum) Like its crimson cousin, pomegranate, goji berries also have been used to increase testosterone in Asian countries, such that it’s come to be known as a sexual superfood. Chinese healers first discovered the fruit’s sexual health benefits, administering it to strengthen the adrenal system, which they believe is a center of sexual energy. Because they also contain iron and vitamin C, goji berries provide positive results for both men and women, but its l-arginine (an amino acid that converts to nitric oxide in the body) content has been noted for its ability to improve sexual performance in men with ED. Furthermore, one medical study of the benefits of goji berries for men highlighted improvements in sperm count, sperm mobility, testosterone levels and sexual ability. 
  • ROSE (Rosa centifolia) Rose has been revered for centuries for its mind, body, and spiritual healing benefits, particularly those related to soothing the heart, curbing depression, anxiety, psycho-spiritual imbalances, and many more dis-eases. In addition to potentially helping alleviate anxiety and lifting your mood, supporting your heart, and reducing inflammation in the body, other key benefits of rose include: 
    • Antioxidants from polyphenols that protect your body from cell damage
    • Possible support for blood purification and the cardiovascular system
    • Reduced inflammation of the eyes and skin
    • Reduced wrinkles and slowing down the aging process
    • Help increasing connections between Self + Others by opening the heart
Learn more about The Healing Powers of Rose on our blog here.
  • SCHISANDRA (Schisandra chinensis) Schisandra chinensis was historically used by Taoist masters and Chinese emperors. In the 1960s in Russia, Schisandra was recognized as an “adaptogen agent” in the USSR handbook’s official medicine catalogue, noting its ability to combat adrenal fatigue, heart conditions, and the negative effects of stress. Known to increase water Qi in the Kidney and other sexual fluids, these vibrant red berries help to promote semen production and may increase circulation and sensitivity in and around the vagina. Better orgasms, more sexual satisfaction, and enhanced sexual performance, in addition to mood-stabilizing adaptogens make this plant healer the perfect bedroom companion.
  • DAMIANA (Turnera diffusa) This beautiful aromatic shrub is native to Mexico, but also has historically been used in traditional herbal medicine around the world. It is thought to act mainly as an aphrodisiac, an antidepressant, a tonic, a diuretic, and a cough-suppressant. For centuries, it has been administered as a classic tonic for depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, debilitation, bed-wetting, menstrual irregularities, gastric ulcers, and constipation. In the ancient Mayan civilization, recorded uses of damiana claim it offered “giddiness” and “loss of balance”, which is one way it came to be known as an aphrodisiac. From 1888-1940, scientific literature documented doctors’ use of damiana to improve sexual function and to elicit positive effects on the reproductive organs. First reported by Spanish missionaries, the Mexican Indians are said to have made a drink from damiana leaves with added sugar with a purported power to enhance lovemaking.
  • CATUABA (Erythroxylum vacciniifolium) Those looking to give their love life department a boost may find catuaba very helpful. Perhaps the most famous of all Brazil’s aphrodisiac plants, this vigorous-growing small tree from the upper Amazon was first discovered by the Tupi Indians. Honoring the potency enhancing qualities of the tree, over the last few centuries, many songs have been composed praising its wonders. The indigenous people of Brazil traditionally use an infusion of the bark for best results. Today, Brazilian herbal medicine considers catuaba to be a central nervous system stimulant with aphrodisiac properties. A bark decoction is commonly used for sexual impotency, agitation, nervousness, nerve pain and weakness, poor memory or forgetfulness, and sexual weakness. This powerful plant is also known to stimulate sex drive and increase blood flow, particularly in the genitals. Shortly after ingestion, most people will feel a tingling sensation along the spine and a sensual feeling all over the body, while the skin and genitals become more sensitive. 
  • GUARANA (Paullinia cupana) The Guarana plant has been an ally to the Indigenous peoples of Brazil for its medicinal qualities well before the country was colonized. South American Indian tribes (especially the Guaranis, where the plant's name is derived) dry and roast the seeds and mix them into a paste with water, making a chocolatey kind of drink for energy and medicinal uses. European researchers began heavily studying guaraná (in France and Germany) in the 1940s, finding success with indigenous uses to cure fevers, headaches, cramps, pain, and as a potent energy tonic. Guaraná is used and well known for its stimulating and libido-boosting properties. It was often prescribed by local medicine people for those with low sex drive, impotency, and “anorgasmia”( difficulties in experiencing orgasms). In the United States today, guaraná is known to increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, and increase stamina and physical endurance. Studies have also demonstrated how it's very protective against the damaging effects of stress, because of its highly preventive nature against premature aging-which is one of the many reasons it has been paralleled to being an undiscovered adaptogen. 

Learn more about this rainforest energizer on our website here.

Contraindications: Please refrain from using guaraná if you have an overactive thyroid or suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks.

  • VANILLA (Vanilla planifolia) Vanilla is one of the world’s most treasured and sought-after flavors. The second most expensive spice in the world (saffron is the first), the mere scent of vanilla is said to enhance your mood and increase your libido. Consuming vanilla also helps the central nervous system “turn on”, which leads to heightened stimulation. In addition to its aphrodisiac qualities, smelling vanilla can have calming effects on babies, as well as adults of all ages. Reducing startle reflexes, aiding with sleep apnea and gas relief, and curbing sugar intake are among some of vanilla’s other therapeutic benefits. Naturally full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this potent concentration of wild nutrients can help reduce inflammation, regulate metabolism, and assist nervous system function.
  • MUIRA PUAMA (Ptychopetalum olacoides) Also known as “potency wood”, muira puama is a small tree that grows up to five meters high, and is native to the Brazilian Amazon and other parts of the Amazon rainforest. Native peoples in the Amazon have long used muira puama for neuromuscular problems, sexual debility, rheumatism, grippe, and cardiac/gastrointestinal weakness. In Brazilian herbal medicine, muira puama remains a highly-regarded sexual stimulant with a strong reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac. Brazilian herbalists also recommend muira puama for the treatment of impotence and dysentery. Since its entry into the global market around 1960, it has been used in Europe to treat impotence, infertility, nerve pain, menstrual disturbances, and dysentery. In Germany, muira puama is used as a central nervous system tonic, for menstrual disturbances, and to fight rheumatism.

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