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RITUAL KIT | Oracle + Ceremonial Magic

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Energy Cleansing | Psychic Vision | Oracle + Alchemy   

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Invoke the power of your inner oracle. Setup a sacred space. Create magic with nature's spirit. Receive a power vision.  

This is a perfect kit to set up a sacred space in the comfort of your own home. Make a powerful blue lotus tea with dream herbs to enhance psychic vision. Perform a smoke cleanse to cleanse energy. Say a prayer and invoke the clarity of vision with the oracle deck. 

The Ritual Kit Contains: 

Herbal Astrology Deck: Open an ancient portal to discover the powerful connection between the healing wisdom of plants and their astrological rulers with this unique 55-card oracle deck and guidebook. Each richly illustrated card depicts a sacred plant ally and its planetary correspondences, while the guidebook illuminates the traditional medicinal applications, ceremonial uses, spiritual messages, animal guides, and symbolic meanings associated with these important herbs, trees, flowers, and mushrooms.

Blue Lotus:  Blue Lotus is traditionally known to be a gateway to the divine. For centuries, Blue Lotus has been respected as an ancestral flower known to induce deep meditative energy, enhance third eye function and motivate lucid dreaming. The effects of the Blue Lotus, or Blue Waterlily, can be euphoric, while helping to decompress the nervous system and relax the whole body, and mind.*

Dream Elixir (2oz): A relaxing tonic that can enhance deep sleep and lucid dreaming. The botanicals within this elixir have rich historical use, particularly due to their nervous system decompressing properties. Many of these plants were often used to ignite deep states of meditation, as well as deep visionary sleep.*

Woven Brass Strainer: This solid brass tea strainer is woven by hand in India. Due to it's depth, you can fill it all the way to the top for a larger pour (for tea pot's) or half way for a single dose. Its long handle makes it easy to handle and place in a mug, or large tea pot. It can be used to brew any kind of loose leaf tea, herbs or flowers.

Palo Santo Bundle: Palo Santo is traditionally used to purify bacteria from the air and above all, to clear bad energy and spirits that stagnate within spaces. Ours is ethically harvested from fallen trees!

Sending a gift? 

Our gift wrapping is inspired by the Japanese furoshiki method, which is a beautiful technique using cloth. We use 100% muslin cloth with additional sprigs of Juniper tucked in to the fabric to beautify your gift sustainably and lovingly.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

RITUAL KIT | Oracle + Ceremonial Magic
RITUAL KIT | Oracle + Ceremonial Magic
RITUAL KIT | Oracle + Ceremonial Magic
RITUAL KIT | Oracle + Ceremonial Magic


Herbal Astrology Oracle

In ancient times, physicians would look to the stars to asses, diagnose and heal. Through planetary alignments they would administer medicine, treat disease, and even prevent it. This oracle deck speaks on plant energetics, medicinal attributes, archetypal signatures, planetary correspondences, folk history, magic and much more. Read more about it above.


We follow the highest manufacturing standards with passion! 

Anima Mundi is a family owned and operated business. Our superfoods are made in an FDA registered and cGMP certified facility, made in the U.S. with certified organic herbs and wild harvested plants in a vegan and gluten free kitchen. Our products contain zero fillers, binders or flow agents. They are lab tested for purity and efficiency.