MASTER TONIC Kit : Barista Series

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$ 942

Your own tonic bar!

Have a complete selection of our barista-series higher potency tonics. These bottles come with an easy to use orifice reducer to pour out the liquid efficiently when crafting cocktails and mocktails. Our barista series bottles are excellent for those that are looking to have your own tonic bar from the comfort of your own home and/or business. Each formula contains powerhouse herbs known for their key abilities to assist mind and body wellness. 

To learn about each formula, visit each individually within the website.

8 Bulk Tonic Bottles 

Adaptogenic - 7 Mushroom Tonic with a Vitamin C boost

Bitters - Rainforest selection of bitter herbs known to assist digestion 

Cerebrum - Our liquid nootropic with brain boosting herbs

Colds Cocktail- Cold + flu buster with cold pressed ginger and spices.

Energia - Botanical energy booster and adrenal recovery adaptogenic herbs

Fat Belly - Master detoxifier with herbs known to boost a sluggish digestion

Happiness - Dopamine and serotonin regulating herbs

Dolores - A potent tonic formula composed of analgesics known to help with pain relief.

Packaged in recycled glass bottles. Each bulk bottle contains 16 fl.oz bottles.

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