LUCID DREAMING KIT : Pineal Gland Herbs

$ 125

The Lucid Dreamers Toolkit - A collection of herbs known to awaken a visionary and lucid sleep. This kit is to induce lucid dreaming (visionary dreams), provide restful sleep, calm and tonify the nervous system.

Contains our signature Lucid Dreaming Elixir (Ensueno), a potent and relaxing night remedy known to enhance a visionary sleep. Accompanied by Palo Santo smudge, and Palo Santo anointing oil for a deep aromatherapeutic quality, and our exquisite Dream Tea. And we've now incorporated Blue Lotus, the flower of intuition, and a Brass Tea Basket for you to steep your dreamy tea. 

Lucid Dreaming Kit:

1x Blue Lotus

1x Dream Tea

1x Dream Elixir 

1x Palo Santo Wood Bundle (ethically harvested!)

1x Palo Santo Oil

1x Brass Tea Strainer


Our kits are packed with eco-friendly materials so you can feel good about feeling good!

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