WEAVING THE REAL Into The Ideal Under the Virgo Full Moon

WEAVING THE REAL Into The Ideal Under the Virgo Full Moon

The Virgo Full Moon of February 24 shines a light on the quality of our thinking, and the crucial balance between realism and idealism. 

A rare triple conjunction on February 28 involving the Sun, Mercury and Saturn brings together our sense of self and trajectory (Sun) with the mental process that guides us (Mercury), and the reality which both constrains and creates (Saturn). This combination can indicate pessimism and taking too narrow of a view; therefore, many of us will need to beware of unduly constricted thinking, or perhaps getting caught in looping thoughts. Repeating sacred mantras can channel this tendency in a generative direction. Note that the Sun’s annual conjunction with the cosmic bossman, Saturn, usually brings up all the duties we have neglected, and actual issues that can be no longer postponed. We might then try turning Saturn’s energy towards making realistic plans to address whatever truly must be completed.

The dynamic and sexy duo of Venus and Mars are a far less constrained energetic pulsing through the anima mundi or Soul of the World throughout February, making their exact conjunction in idealistic Aquarius on February 21. 

A potent seed is planted at the Venus-Mars conjunction, the start of a new two-year cycle in the dance of desire and allurement, attracting and repulsion, fascination and fear which accompanies intimacy. Spicy conversations with friends and partners may be on the menu, as differences are worked out and agreements renegotiated. A spirited square aspect from the blessing-bringer Jupiter (exact on February 24 and February 27) supports some flexibility in any negotiations, though it may take some time to find accord. Tensions between independence and connection are likely to recur throughout this year, so take note of what’s brewing now for some foreshadowing of events yet to come. 

Full Moon in Virgo

Clear eastern skies will be dominated by the luminous Virgo Full Moon rising on Saturday, February 24, reaching her exact opposition to the Pisces Sun at 4:30 a.m. US/Pacific. The Sun hasn’t been swimming long in the imaginative waters of Pisces, making his annual ingress on February 18 and bringing our fantasy life to the fore until his egress on March 19. The typically laid-back attitude of Pisces arises from an ability to remain fluid, to adapt and shift with circumstances and use intuition to move through life’s ups and downs. Its polar opposite, Virgo, has an analytical emphasis more inclined to an intellectual response, sifting through the details as necessary to mold reality to fit their vision of perfection.  

This Virgo Full Moon puts the floodlight on any trouble with our mode of thinking, whether it’s too analytical and practical, or too dreamy and a broader view.

Sun-Mercury-Saturn Triple Conjunction

This Full Moon carries a healthy, broad spectrum dose of the reality principle. The annual speed bump of the Sun’s aspirations conjoining hard-working Saturn also involves mental Mercury as they form an uncommon triple conjunction (exact February 28), making it clear that we need both the idealist and the realist to make sense of the world. The Sun-Mercury-Saturn conjunction could tend towards pessimism, so we might be wary of thinking too narrowly, as if we had blinders on, and instead open up to patiently allow a range of storylines and possibilities to emerge.

Mercury is making an exterior conjunction with the Sun, supporting more of the eagle’s view perspective and insight, which is quite helpful to anyone struck by tunnel vision, or lost in a labyrinth of details. And while it is fine to notice the reminders of all the obligations and minutiae of the work that needs to be done—this is to be expected when the Sun conjoins Saturn—we should beware of letting this totally deflate our spirit. We can rather celebrate the awareness and set ourselves to a realistic timeline, simply putting one foot in front of the other. Saturn favors persistence and setting ourselves to a task.Venus Conjunct Mars Square Jupiter

Another prominent feature of the sky story this month is the conjunction of the two lovers, sensuous Venus and lusty Mars (exact February 21). These two will decorate the very bottom of the southeastern horizon for many of us, cuddling close and visible just before sunrise the last week of February. These mediators of interpersonal relations created another triple conjunction, conjoining powerful Pluto each in succession (Mars on February 13 and Venus on February 17), which likely inflamed passions in us and around us and kicked off a round of renegotiating the terms of friendships and partnerships of all kinds.

Venus and Mars will be playing together in the idealistic sign of Aquarius until March, continuing whatever process was initiated earlier in the fiery conjunction with Pluto. 

It can be challenging for the abstract-minded tendencies of Aquarius to stay with the living experience of our world, and not get lost in explanatory categories and systems. But Pluto’s evolutionary presence in Aquarius signals a push to go beyond that kind of removal or distance from other beings. Unions which form (or reorganize) around this time frame are likely to provide potent opportunities to explore the nature of sharing power, combining resources or joining forces, and deepening our understanding of how small groups could benefit much larger communities.Although Venus and Mars frequently describe the more intimate relationships in our lives, this particular conjunction suggests the next two years will involve the interplay between those more inner spheres and the larger infrastructure of society which holds us all. The dynamic square aspect between Venus-Mars and Jupiter’s blessing ways (exact February 24 and February 27) adds in the consideration of how to create greater wholes by weaving together disparate parts and seeking a common good. 

Difference and distinction are important to any notion of wholeness, though, for “whole” implies “parts.” Jupiter doesn’t erase differences—he appreciates them.

Indeed, this brand new two-year cycle of relationship between the harmonies of Venus and the passionate zeal of Mars (starting February 21) seems to contain an invitation to courageous adventure into unknown territory, confronting inadequate concepts or ideas, abandoning old maps that obscure a territory better revealed to us by the light of our own vulnerably beating hearts. We might well consider this perspective from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a famous German dissident of World War II:

“The person who loves their dream of community will destroy community, but the person who loves those around them will create community.”Full Moon in Virgo by Moon Sign

The Moon represents who we are before we even think about who we are. She represents our instinctual self, and she describes our deepest vulnerabilities, as well as our most profound capacity to connect with others. Full Moons amplify energy and emotions, and this one spotlights the deficiencies in our thinking—whether too idealistic or hampered by too much realism.

Let’s see how the Virgo Full Moon impacts your own Moon placement!

Aries Moon

Something important is lurking out of sight and out of mind, Aries Moon. There are so many ways that you can expand and break new territory these days, but somehow you are your own worst enemy. Try connecting with trusty friends and those who inspire you to see if the Virgo Full Moon can help  you cure the unintentional self-sabotage.

Taurus Moon

The Virgo Full Moon is a reminder of the fullness of life that makes it worth living, Taurus Moon. You are more than your responsibilities, duties and obligations, and you are certainly more than your career or job. Dip into or revive the various activities that bring you to life, the things you do for fun and enjoyment—oddly, this may be the missing link in your productivity. 

Gemini Moon

Any tension between your professional life and the foundations of your life—your home, family, unconscious patterning and tendencies—are likely to come to the fore under the bright light of the Virgo Full Moon. You may find a rational or logical approach less than useful for making sense of the conflict, and rather lean into your intuition and emotional intelligence to find a good way forward, Gemini Moon.

Cancer Moon

Look, it’s okay to be completely pissed off, Cancer Moon. If some part of you is resisting the idea that you should personally feel anger, please reconsider. The Virgo Full Moon would like you to know that feeling anger fully, and letting it carry you through the landscape of the past until you get to the present moment, is essential to digesting that anger. Otherwise, you could end up in the wreckage of an explosive outburst.

Leo Moon

The Virgo Full Moon is likely to elicit your relationship to eroticism and libido, Leo Moon. Whether it is delighting in wind brushing against your skin, or listening to music that sets you on fire, or offering reverent attention to your lover, the ways that you make love can open fresh vistas and gratifying connections. 

Virgo Moon

It’s your Full Moon for 2024, Virgo Moon! Whether it’s the critic living in your head, or those you search for in the outer world, a layer of untruth is peeling away to reveal more of your inborn creativity and ingenuity—getting away from all those drags on healthy self-esteem could not only help you appreciate the ways in which you excel, it could also support your physical health.

Libra Moon

It’s time for a fresh crack at diplomacy, Libra Moon. The Virgo Full Moon is turning her critical eye towards your tendency to avoid conflict and suggesting you reconsider the value of “being liked.” Being liked by a gaggle of jerks is hardly a worthy goal, but beyond that, dropping such tendencies and digging deep for the real diplomat within could bring you rewards you can scarcely imagine.

Scorpio Moon

Try networking with those you aren’t typically in contact with, Scorpio Moon, and see what pleasantly surprising new connections could emerge. The Virgo Full Moon is fertile for expanding your relational horizons, if you break out of routine and pursue the interests that have been tickling the edges of your awareness.

Sagittarius Moon

On the one hand, this lunation may offer the chance to take a walk on the wild side, to adventure socially in new ways, Sagittarius. On the other hand, it’s good to know your boundaries and not get carried away by others’ desires or submit to pressure to go further than you would like under the Virgo Full Moon. The benefits might not justify the cost. 

Capricorn Moon

The Virgo Full Moon looks like a great opportunity to cull bad habits of mind, Capricorn Moon. Try to recognize the feeling states and emotional tones that accompany habitual thought patterns, because this might help clear the clouds from your otherwise good judgment.

Aquarius Moon

If there were ever a good time to feel feelings, rather than think about them, the Virgo Full Moon would be it, Aquarius Moon. If you have been caught in arguments, blind-sided by an unseen vulnerability, or maybe so ecstatic it doesn’t quite make sense—your emotional being can reveal some liberating truths to you. But only if you dare to fully feel that bodily energetic without putting a story on it first.

 Pisces Moon

If your imagination has been running in overdrive, Pisces, this Virgo Full Moon could help you rein it in. It’s not that you’re wrong to tap into your imaginal perception, it’s just the over-application of that superpower can cause you to miss genuine opportunities.

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