SIX WAYS TO CLEAR Your Energetic Field

SIX WAYS TO CLEAR Your Energetic Field

All living creatures are sensitive beings, and it’s absolutely possible to pick up someone’s ‘vibe’ from a simple interaction. If someone is projecting bad energy, it can be contagious if we’re not aware of it. Our energy field is like an onion with many different layers, and each layer has a different purpose and vibrational frequency. 

 Our aura, for example, is one of the first layers closest to our body that transmits mostly our emotions and baseline personality. It can reveal information about your heart, mind, and desires. And, just like all of these things, it must be cared for regularly to maintain homeostasis. 

If we take a look at aura photography, for example, the colors change often like clouds, reflecting several aspects like transient emotions, our foundational personality, and recent encounters that have left lasting impressions on our energetic field. If we’re having a bad day, for example, the vibrational pattern within the emotional layer (the colors we see in aura pictures) will change. If we’re having years of ‘bad days’, this vibrational pattern begins to affect outer layers beyond the aura, creating a deeper imprint throughout the energetic field.

 We could avoid this in a number of ways, from protecting our energy, to learning to shield, to making conscious decisions around consuming relationships, to using powerful herbs to clear the energy.   

Everything You Need to Know About Clearing

Clearing your energy body can happen just like that (insert snapping fingers). It’s a lot faster and easier than you might think. These practices are tools to consciously examine what is residing within you and around you, and how to weed out what no longer serves you. Within these practices, you can consciously examine what you want to keep and cultivate, and what you want to release based on your free will. Most of us have a lifetime of energy built up within our field, like plaque on teeth, and our energy bodies can often look like an overgrown garden, so full of weeds that it’s hard to sow new seeds, or even reap a harvest. This is why clearing takes a little more effort and time when you first begin this work. Once the weeds are cleared, and you can set a foundation to lay the seeds and all the accumulation of stagnant energy can easily be removed.
Energy cleansing should be an ongoing activity. Most of us didn’t get educated on good energy maintenance, and we often walk through life being influenced by other people’s thoughts and emotions. Our energy body is extremely receptive, and without proper boundaries and sharpened sensitivity, things easily cling to it. Good energetic hygiene means we are aware of the random energy from people and/or places and actively working on clearing that which does not feel like our own highest vibration. 

6 Ways to Clear

Our Energy

1: VISUALIZE. Visualization can be done anywhere, anytime. While walking, sitting in a busy area, on a train, during a yoga class, or even during a conversation. Like anything, it gets easier with practice. Believe it or not, you’re not just imagining, you are creating a real energetic shift that you will be able to feel in time. 

Here’s how:

  • Set an intention for releasing all energy that no longer contributes to your evolution, and everything you’ve picked up on from others. Affirm in your mind: I am releasing all energy from myself and others’ energy that no longer serves me. I do this for my highest good.
  •  Imagine a ball of brilliant, golden light in the center of your chest, expanding the light on each exhalation. Imagine breathing the light in and out through your chest, expanding the light on each exhalation as it grows and grows.  
  • Spread the light throughout your entire body, like a giant egg of light, surrounding you.
  • Follow by ‘shielding’ or protecting your energy (see below for instructions). 

This is simple, and it works, trust me. When you do this regularly, you will find yourself calmer, more peaceful, less reactive, and more balanced. This practice expands your intuitive mind, don’t be surprised if you receive influxes of clarity, ‘downloads’ or wisdom pouring in.  


2: ‘DE-CORDING. This technique is a powerful cleansing technique that is like untangling energetic knots from the field. Many of these knots block us from accessing our authentic Self, and create energetic obstructions unless consciously removed. It can manifest in a lot of ways, even in ways that might even seem positive at times, yet aren’t necessarily contributing to your evolution. Classic examples where you can witness these cords, are through downward moods (anxiety, sadness, anger…), feelings that pull your self-worth down (envy, jealousy, judgment…), habits, addictions, attachments to people and places, (co-dependent or abusive relationship(s)), and a lot more. 

‘The cord’ essentially is a connection to these feelings/beliefs/people, and acts like a conduit that allows that particular energy to come in and out of our space. These cords come into place because we granted permission, consciously or unconsciously, to co-inhabit with our energy. 

I find this practice to be particularly useful when we feel triggered or activated by something.When the impression is fresh, stop, and instead of reacting, close your eyes and try to visualize the cord to that emotion/person/place and locate the source. Instead of taking up more energy and locating the “why?”, “when?”, or “how?” the cord is there to begin with, imagine yourself removing the cord and letting it dissipate. You can imagine or create a sound, like if you’re sucking the energy out of you. 

Try this visualization for several rounds, until you literally feel uplifted. If it doesn’t work the first time, give it a chance and continue to practice. Don’t give up, this practice works wonders. 

3: CLEARING THE FIELD. This is a great practice if you need a quick boost of protection and focused attention. This can also follow the de-cording practice. 

  • Place the middle fingertips of both hands on the forehead, in between the eyebrows.
  • Trace them up the center of the forehead, across the top of the head (imagine the line if your hair were parted in the middle), and down the middle of the back of your head, until you reach where your neck connects to your shoulders. Then sweep each hand across each shoulder. Left hand sweeps across the left side of the shoulder; right hand sweeps across the right.
  • Powerfully breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth while doing this. With your eyes closed, visualize ‘energetic dust’ being dusted and brushed off and away. 

4: MEDICINAL BATHS TO SEAL THE AURA. Mineralizing baths can greatly assist in banishing toxicity. There are a myriad of clays, minerals, crystal powders, and rocks that can help in this process. Below are classics that can be found just about anywhere, but you can get creative. If you’re feeling called to use clay that’s within your vicinity, by all means use it!

Dissolve 1 cup sea salt (or magnesium flakes work well), 1 cup baking soda, and optional ½ cup bentonite clay, in a warm tub. These three create the trifecta to soak your toxicity away. If you don’t want to take a full bath, you can use this as a foot soak instead. Get an inexpensive container and fill it with hot water. Cut the quantities of sea salt and baking soda down to about ¼ cup of each. As an added bonus, add different protective herbs like rosemary (classically known for clarity and protection), or sage (for energetic protection), and more. There are many herbs, flowers, and roots that can be used within the bath to accent particular aspects to your cleansing. Read here on medicinal baths for energetic cleansing, strengthening, heart-healing, and more.


5: CLEAR YOUR PHYSICAL SPACE. Before you get started with your space, start with yourself. Do the exercises above to clear your energy. It is of vital importance to have a deep intention. Going through the motions won’t create satisfying results if you’re not aligned with why you are doing it. Intention itself shifts energy.
Try some of these tools to help clear and bring light:

  • “Smudging”: Herbs of Protection. Burning herbs has been used since ancient times by all cultures for clearing and shifting energy. There’s many that can be used and they all have their ‘magickal’ uses, some of my favorites are: palo santo, black or white copal, frankincense, myrrh, sage (culinary sage works wonderfully too!), juniper, cedar, rosemary, thyme, and more. 
      • Start by ‘smudging’ yourself first. Using your hand, bring the smoke close to your body. Spread it across the body, over the head, under the arms, and then lift one foot at a time, and place it in the smoke. To do your back, blow into the burning bundle and then turn around in it.
      • Then bring the smoke into every area of your home including closets and cabinets.
      • Note: *Like anything, be mindful of where you source. Our palo santo is ethically crafted from naturally fallen trees. White sage is endangered and only use homegrown or ethically grown (don’t wildcraft), or use culinary sage which is also a powerful plant used since antiquity for cleansing.
  • Make an Altar. Create a mindful space somewhere within your home where you work with the elements like having your dried herbs for ‘smudging’, crystals, candles, images that bring you joy and delight, symbols or tokens of love that you’ve acquired throughout your life. Place fresh flowers, herbs or plants on your altar. 
  • Salt + Floral Water Spritz. Get a spray bottle and fill it with distilled water and sea salt. Shake until the salt is dissolved and use as you would the sage. You can also add flower water (like rose tea, or wildflower tea), or a tea of herbs that bring you strength and joy, along with the saltwater. Keep the mix for about a week, or store in the fridge as it might get rancid. You can add a few drops of cleansing essential oils like lavender, rosemary, palo santo oil, or sage to enhance it.
  • 4. Candles. Fire and smoke are key elements to clearing space. Burn a candle and visualize putting all the energy that you want to be released into the candle. Visualize it burning away. Get very centered and grounded as you practice this and viscerally feel where the energy is being lifted.

6: YOUR GROUNDING CORD. Upon commencing or ending any energetic practice, it is vital to locate your grounding cord. Imagine a shimmering and luminous energy that runs through you, in-between your legs and through your crown. It is vital to maintain its health by upgrading or replacing your old grounding cord with a fresh one, which helps anchor you into the present. When finishing any energetic practice let all the residual energy run through you and release it down your existing cord. Then remove that cord by envisioning a rose rooted to the earth through its stem. The rose is symbolic of forgiveness and transmutes dense energy into light. Place your old grounding cord into the center of that rose and allow it to explode over a vast ocean, and welcome a new grounding cord grounding you back into the present moment.
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