SOUL WORK WITH Scorpionic Herbs

SOUL WORK WITH Scorpionic Herbs

 With these strong new moon energies still beaming high, we’ll be reviewing Scoprionic herbs that help cope and balance this part of the cycle. We all contain within ourselves the main archetypes that exist within our astrological wheel, therefore now is the time to harmonize the energies off the current scorpion season.

SCORPIO in generally considered the most intense of the personal archetypes, capable of quickly moving like lava through extreme ways of being. From the spiritually sublime yogic type life, to that of primal animal lust and dark humor. “Scorpio is an idealistic personality in an imperfect world, which may lead to a dissatisfaction regarding life and its often underlying motivation for its Scorpionic world” (Beyerl, Paul)

Anatomically Scorpio is corresponded with the procreative sexual organs, the second chakra and some medical astrologers say the mouth. Those organs associated with reproduction of the species which also provide sexual ecstasy are in the realm of Scorpio. Some authors place the red blood cells here as well. 


“Conditions associated with this zodiacal sign include sexual dysfunction, difficulties with conception, infertility, diseases of the reproductive organs and, according to at least one twentieth century author, diseases of the bone marrow.” (Beyerl, Paul)

This water sign can be turbulent and is known for attempting to manipulate others — consciously and unconsciously. An out of balance Scorpio personality creates stress which can weaken one’s system, leading toward illness. Some of us have a stronger Scorpionic impulse within, and when out of balance, can cause some stress from its pursuit of extremes and its expectation of an ideal world. Intensely private, public exposure or the loss of privacy can cause this personality to become highly vulnerable and out of balance. 

By nature herbs of Scorpio are passionate, and aphrodisiac, with a strong energizing and restorative effect on the sexual organs. Herbs that fall under this archetype tend to enhance ones sexual energy, and activate tantric awareness. They also tend to provide deep restorative and nourishing energy to the organs associated to the second chakra (urinary tract, reproductive system, genitals, kidneys, and general pelvic area) These herbs are of elemental water, but water which is heating and intensely energized (like lava). We may work with these herbs to develop comfort with our body, and to come to terms with the reality of human-ness. Used wisely they will teach one patience and help one understand that perfection is never achieved, it’s a lifelong journey. 


Scorpionic herbs include: basil, bloodroot, devils club, guarana, hibiscus, patchouli, uva ursi, muira puama, foxglove*, hops, horsetail, horseradish, nettle root, oregon grape root, tobacco, wormwood, yohimbe. 

Pluto herbs (ruler of Scorpio): aloe, black cohosh, buckwheat, cats claw, chaste tree, damiana, echinacea, dragons blood, false unicorn root, globe artichoke, hops, kava kava, moss, trillium, he shou wu, oats, patchouli, pine, skullcap, snapdragon, sequoia, trillium, wheat, yucca.

Ritual Plants: agaric, foxglove*  

*do not intake internally


+ plant collagen latte

Serves 1

Our collagen is composed of Plutonian herbs, such as cacao, comfrey, and fo-ti. All detoxifying and powerfully rejuvenative. The archetype associated to these herbs is deep and transformative, being deeply nourishing to our skeletal self. Which makes them also associated to Saturn for that reason (particularly comfrey). Many sages have called them "bone breathing" herbs, meaning they bring energy to the bones, the skeleton as well as other areas like skin, nails, hair and muscles. Cacao and roses have a scorpionic tone to them, providing deep aphrodisiac qualities with profound nourishment to the reproductive organs. 

10-12 oz coconut milk or choice of plant based milk

1 tbsp raw cacao powder

1 pitted date

1 tsp plant collagen

1/4 tsp vanilla powder (or real vanilla extract!)

1 tbsp coconut cream powder

1tsp rose petals 

1 1/2 tsp extra virgin coconut oil

Optional: 1tsp euphoria elixir for an aphrodisiac kick

*use real cacao powder, it tastes so much better, AND it makes you feel more blissful then regular cocoa powder, honestly. But if cocoa powder is all you have, it’ll do the trick.

Combine all of the ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Bring the liquid to a strong simmer, whisking a couple times. Once it’s quite warm and it feels silky, pour through a strainer (to strain out the rose petals) into a blender and slowly blend the mixture until thoroughly combined, smooth, and frothy. Garnish with extra rose petals and blue cornflowers (or flowers of choice) to make it gorgeous.




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