Life can be super stressful. And not to mention that the holidays are super stressful too. We all know just vital it is to get enough sleep (always) especially this time of year when so much is happening. Moon milk is an exquisite evening milk that is a natural sleep aid that not only looks good but can be good for you as well. Our Moon Milk contains relaxing plants such as ashwgandha, reishi and blue lotus, along with a touch of lavender and really real vanilla (which is hard to comedy these days!)

Many ask the question – is moon milk actually going to help me sleep? In short, YES!

Believe it or not kids love it! And most adults, if not all, love it too. The essentials when it comes to making your moon milk is choosing your favorite milk (we love oat milk or coconut for this) and any kind of fat, I oftentimes add 1/4 tsp of coconut oil, or coconut butter to give it extra body and nourishment. This really soothes the gut and makes it like an exquisite dessert. If you like maple or honey, feel free to add some.



  • 1.5tsp Golden Moon Milk
  • 4oz Warm Oat milk 
  • 2oz Hot water (not ultra boiling, use 176F (80C) 
  • 1Tbsp Coconut Cream Powder (or coconut butter for thick creaminess!) 
  • Sweetener, optional


Using a hand blender, place in a mug and blend all ingredients for 10-15 seconds. Or in a regular blender for 5-10seconds. This makes it extra creamy.


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