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Restorative Beauty Sleep Latte

Restorative Beauty Sleep Latte

Since I had my little ones, I’ve been one of the worst at respecting healthy sleep hygiene for myself. The seemingly never-ending amount of sleepless nights has certainly made me into a groggy and unenthused human being at times! I was surviving by slamming adaptogens when I could to cope with work and babies. But then, after trying everything, cacao is what honestly helped the most. A light raw cacao milk, with adaptogens and nervines, right before bed was the perfect cozy cup that helped me roll into bed without feeling completely drained the next morning and, with brighter skin.

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- 1Tbsp Raw Cacao powder
- 1tsp Collagen Booster Elixir (or sub for 1/2tsp collagen booster powder)
+ ½ tsp Ashwagandha - nature's chill pill
- 1 cup Full Fat Coconut or Oat Milk (or any plant-based milk of choice)
- 4oz hot water
- 1 date, or sweetener of choice (optional!)
Other potential add on's for deeper relaxation 
*(stick to 1-2 of the formulas below, or it'll be a little too relaxing!)
+ ½ tsp Dream Elixir - Lucid dreaming elixir
+ ½ tsp Dolores Tonic - Pain + stress relief tonic
+ ½ tsp Mulungu - Amazonian hypnotic

Super easy way: Blend until frothy, use the date for this recipe, or any sweetener of choice. Pour into a cozy mug and sip immediately! 
Slower meditative way: Heat the water in a saucepan over medium-low heat. Whisk the cacao and herbs in circular motion. Add in your milk, and whisk until very frothy. Don't let it boil! Turn off the fire after a minute or so of whisking. Remember! for all liquid tonics, add at the very end when the fire is off, or straight into your mug. Dust with some cacao at the top to make it beautiful!