PLANT INTELLIGENCE in Adaptogenic Herbs

PLANT INTELLIGENCE in Adaptogenic Herbs

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Nature contains in itself a supreme intelligence that knows exactly what everything within it needs in order to thrive. It has been said that the primordial consciousness in nature, is identical to that of humans, including all animals and living beings that live within it. Within each thing is contained all things. In the seed is the tree; in the tree is the forest. Therefore, intelligence is contained implicitly in the many worlds and dimensions of nature, not only in our human-centered world. 

Consciousness, or what I like to call mystical intelligence, exists in all forms of life. I believe that it is in itself that which animates life into the manifested existence. In other words, consciousness is the gas that pulsates reality. Life, creation and evolution are the stages of the unfoldment of consciousness. Plants, animals, humans, current consciousness, ancestral consciousness, are all part of the current reality as they exist beyond the confines of time -- constantly collaborating to create life. 


“Man as microcosm contains within himself all the elemental, mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. Within the plant is the potential of the human being. Conversely within the human being is the underlying energy structure of the plant. Our nervous system, it could be said, is a tree whose plant-essence is human.” 1

“The Plant kingdom exists to bring feeling into manifestation. On the plant level, feeling exists in a pure and passive form. The animal and human kingdoms manifest this more acively, more separately, but often with less beauty. Consciousness in plants is on a primal level of unity; therefore is more psychic, telepathic.” 2 

1, 2 - Dr. Vasant Lad



Before we start going too deep on how consciousness is the blood line that connects us all, lets talk about adaptogenic herbs.

Adaptogens have long historical uses for their ability to reduce all kinds of stress, from environmental to mental to emotional, while supporting the body and mind with rapid recovery. The powerful nutrition of this particular class of plants is quite profound, so much so that many have been recorded for thousands of years for their deeply impacting effects on the psyche, mind, body and emotions. Not only were they revered for their normalizing effects on oxidative stress, or their ability to enhance metabolic function or their ability to powerfully protect the immune system, they were primarily revered for the deep spiritual attributes.

Most adaptogenic herbs have a strong regulating effect on our hormonal system, known as the ‘molecules of consciousness’. Herbs that powerfully influence the hormonal system are usually associated to spirit herbs, as they clearly control our mood, perception, sleep-wake cycles and connection of reality. The dragons that dominate the hormonal system are basically in-charge of how we experience life, and how we perceive our reality.


It’s no wonder the incredible popularity these herbs have received in today's world. We’re in deeply transformative times in history, and these herbs are particularly excellent to nourish us with adaptive strength with the constant changes that are happening and might come.

Each adaptogen attunes the body to a particular energy, or set of energetic pathways. Because they work closely with the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, each adaptogen is ultimately experienced differently within each person. They directly attune the glands that control our perception, while simultaneously working on different energetic pathways. The hypothalamus is about the size of an almond and is located just behind our optic glands. Many ancient cultures have associated this gland as the god-center / the seat of consciousness or spirit. The hypothalamus secreted neurohormones that communicate with the pituitary gland, signaling the release of key pituitary hormones, which in turn activate pineal gland function, in other words, third eye abilities.  

In other words, these herbs work directly with our consciousness and how we perceive life, essentially providing enlightening nutrition that ultimately taps the mind and body to higher frequency. Many believe that these herbs are popularly appearing on Earth to shift the current collective consciousness into a higher evolution. Ancient civilizations regarded these mystical herbs as transformers; agents of change that contributed to the shift of consciousness across different points in time. At this point in our planetary history, there is no point in simply surviving, it's essential we consciously feed ourselves the nutrition that grants us a passage beyond balance.




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