PEANUT BUTTER CUPS With Chocolate Protein

PEANUT BUTTER CUPS With Chocolate Protein

Need a little afternoon pick-me-up or a quick and easy dessert? Try our Chocolate Protein Peanut Butter Cups! Made with peanut butter, dark chocolate, and our new Chocolate Protein Powder, this recipe is a twist on a classic that everyone loves.

We love these cups because they only require 5 ingredients and are a quick and easy dessert  Plus, you can keep an entire bag of these protein cups in your freezer for emergencies 😀


  • 75 + 75g raw oat milk chocolate
  • 120gr roasted peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp Chocolate Protein Powder
  • 1 tbsp raw coconut oil
  • Pinch of salt or chopped nuts to decorate


Line up 8-9 cupcake liners on a tray.

I trimmed the edge of the liners halfway shorter, making them easier to use. Create a double boiler placing one small saucer inside a larger one filled with water over a medium flame. So that the chocolate gently melts in the small saucepan immersed in the water.

Add 75 gr of chocolate in pieces and half the coconut oil in the smaller saucepan. Over a medium flame, let the chocolate melt. Never allow the water to boil or even simmer, especially if the chocolate is raw. Don't let any moisture in the chocolate, or it could curdle.

Once melted and still hot, add a spoonful to each paper cupcake liner distributing a thin layer all over the bottom and the edges. Help yourself with a spoon.Meanwhile, once it solidifies, mix the PB with the protein powder, and add a sweetener like a date syrup to taste, if needed.

Melt the rest of the chocolate and coconut oil.

Add the PB mixture to each cup and cover with the rest of the chocolate.

Please wait for it to solidify a little bit (but decorate before it's completely solid), so the decor sticks to the top of the cups.

I added some cherry compote to some of mine to add a little tangy and sweet taste. Freeze to keep for a long.Alternatives:

InsideRaw almond butter, Sunflower butter, Black tahini, or Coconut paste

DecorationsHazelnuts, Salted peanuts, Roasted coconut flakes, Bee Pollen, Sesame seeds, Salt flakes, Coffee powder

Sweetener: Date syrup, Cherry compote, Dried apricots, or Raisins

Recipe by Silvia Bifaro.

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