~   Forecast for the peak week of Scorpio Season  ~

 October 28, 2019 - November 4, 201 

By Erica Jones 


Instead of Mercury Retrograde being projected as a time of communication and technological fall outs, it can better be understood as a time for refinement of communication, and essentially a period to strategize growth. And YES, it's a period of tons of tests, scrutiny and tedious action; and NO it's not a time for major life changing plans, signing big contracts or make major investments. But then again, this is just one of many aspects influencing our lives, it's not that big of a deal. Doesn't mean we're powerless against its effect, in the contrary, this time around it's signaling an intensive period of strategic alliances and partnerships that will propel next-level growth and a stronger support system


This week we have a peak at the highlights brewing within the Scorpio season by astrologer, Erica Jones, founder of Real Imaginal.. 



And it’s already time for yet another Mercury Retrograde! Mercury will be sauntering back and forth through the sultry sign of Scorpio, triggering obsessions with truth and transparency, churning up our depths, our secrets, our tender places, and our past romances. Venus and Mercury will conjoin (Oct. 30) just before Mercury’s standstill in the sky on Halloween (Oct. 31), cautioning us against using pretty (Venus) words (Mercury) to avoid harsh realities or uncomfortable truths. It may in fact be very painful to speak and hear the truth right now. Holding our heart open can help anything unwanted, unusual or unexpected to move through us and take on new shapes. 

We may be called to protect what we love, and to understand our obligations to our friends, our lovers, and our colleagues and even to our competitors. Many of us will have the hard conversations that create enduring and real connections, whereas brittle or superficial connections are unlikely to survive confrontation. As a result, friendships, romances and business ties may undergo some restructuring under the pressures of the next few weeks.

It may be easier than ever to repeat old mistakes, get sucked into old 'jealousies' or dramas, if we refuse to feel our own feelings. It’s best to ask “What are my feelings really saying about my authentic self?” Don’t get sucked into analyzing everyone else—that’s one of the dead ends of the Scorpionic quest for truth. The only behavior you can take responsibility for is your own.

The Scorpio New Moon (Oct. 27), faces off with the revolutionary planet of Uranus, pointing us towards a new synthesis of our most instinctual selves. And because our energy is typically ebbing at the New Moon, it’s a bad idea to waste our reserves on lower vibrational situations that drain our energy —a common theme of Mercury retrograde. Take some time out for yourself and inhabit your animal body, tending to what it craves and needs. Sleep will do more for our growth and regeneration than trying to push ourselves and others like machines! Relaxing and opening to intuition, body-wisdom, dreams and reverie can lead to surprising discoveries and resolutions to conflicts. In fact, there are studies that prove that "down-time" has actually fueled some of the more innovative and creative aspects behind pioneers. Doing "nothing" is actually a much needed process of germination for our mind body and soul.

VENUS > The position of the planet of love and harmony, Venus, magnifies another common Mercury retrograde potential for previous lovers to come back into our lives. It could even be a dramatic or utterly surprising re-connection—wow, those feelings are still there!?! Especially since Venus moves out of broody Scorpio and into optimistic Sagittarius on Nov. 1, a lot of important details may be overlooked. But...around the time Mercury completes their retrograde on Nov. 20, all the reasons you and the ex- didn’t work out before will be more and more difficult to overlook. Do yourself a favor and read your old journals around the breakup, or chat with your trusted friends about that previous relationship to see if either you or your ex- have changed so much that it warrants jumping head first back into a reunion.

MARS - SATURN - PLUTO > After all, there is a challenging square aspect between goal-oriented Mars and the formidable obstacle of Saturn-Pluto (exact Oct. 27 - Nov. 5), asking us to be aware of how fears may be driving decisions and narrowing our vision. Our full range of options may be obscured by pressure to make a quick decision, or to only consider a few possibilities. Be wary of manipulative pressure tactics. A long-term strategy can help in sorting through any tough choices, and short-term discomfort may be necessary to achieve longer-term goals. Be prepared to allow new information to cause delays with plans, decision-making or just generally derail momentum or take things in an unexpected direction. We may even have to summon some fierceness or tenacity to prevent our plans from being hijacked by a trickster-type of element.

ANCESTRAL CONNECTION > Finally, this week the northern hemisphere is celebrating the thinning of the veil between this world and the Other Worlds. Festivals like Día de los Muertos, Ilgės, Dziady, and Samhain honor the ancestors and the unseen realms of Spirit.  Under these particular skies, we might experiment with relating to our ancestors differently than ever before. If it’s new to you, try an ancestor altar practice. Or if it’s different for you, try remembering the forgotten ones by drawing out a family tree as far back as you want (whether you know names, histories, or not). Or if you hold your people in rigidly high (or low) esteem, experiment with seeing them as people just like you. How do they appear now? How do they speak to you when you try to connect in some different way?


Oct. 11, 2019 - Mercury enters shadow 11° Scorpio 
Oct. 31, 2019 - Mercury stations retrograde 27° Scorpio 
Nov. 20, 2018 - Mercury stations direct 11° Scorpio 
Dec. 7, 2019 - Mercury exits shadow 27° Scorpio 

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Cocktail Photos by: @shekeepsalovelyhome


  • 3 fl.oz dry Sake
  • 1 Tbsp Blue Lotus Petals
  • 1 Tbsp Rose Petals
  • 30 drops Blood Tonic (optional)
  • 2 fl.oz  raspberry pomegranate juice (or red colored juice of choice!)
  • 2 fl.oz sparkling water


1. Macerate the blue lotus in the sake for 8 hours. Then strain the petals out.*
2. Then we begin by making our own homemade rose spirtz. Infuse 1tbsp of roses in about 1-2oz of hot water for about 10-15 minutes. Strain and cool the tea in the fridge/freezer until chilled. *You want this infusion to be strong, so use less water for a more intense rosey flavor. 
3. Pour your chilled tea and juice into the cocktail glass. Add a cube of ice if you'd like an added chill action. 
4. Then add 30 drops of Anima Mundi's Blood Tonic followed by the sparkling water.
5. Garnish with raspberries, or herbs of choice (like thyme!). Enjoy!

*If you wish to do this alcohol-free, infuse the roses and the blue lotus in hot water and add 1oz of hot water than the original suggested ratio. Then blend with sparkling water, juice and the blood tonic.


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