MAKE A PLANT BASED Collagen Mocktail

MAKE A PLANT BASED Collagen Mocktail

Memorial day offerings + a vegan collagen cocktail


BLOOD TONIC - Some of the most revered rainforest herbs.  The herbs within this formula have been used medicinally for centuries in the Amazon. Some of these herbs have undergone extensive scientific research for their anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-cancerous and chemo-protective properties. Cats claw, Pau D'Arco, Chuchuhuasi and Sangre de Drago all have been employed as immune-stimulants as they can cleanse the blood, promote circulation, powerfully reduce inflammation, protect cellular function and fight against free radicals.

Learn more about our -> Blood Tonic  

amargo bitters digestive aid

AMARGO digestive bitters - Rainforest bitters + other classics.  If you feel like you deal with a bloated belly often, or you could simply upgrade your digestion a bit, you might just need bitters before your meals. Bitter herbs naturally help cleanse the blood, increasing enzyme production, while boosting liver and gall bladder function. Bitters are also an excellent ally for those needing an alkalizing boost when the body is running on too many acidic foods.

Learn more here -> Amargo Tonic  

Collagen Booster

PLANT-BASED COLLAGEN. These are herbs that protect our collagen receptors and increase elasticity in the skin. Some of these herbs, like Nettle leaf and Horsetail, have also been used as powerful mineralizers and iron boosters, assisting in hair, bone, and joint health. And key adaptogens revered for their longevity chemistry, like He Shou Wu and Gynstemma, also studied for their beautifying properties. Read more on how you can increase your own collagen production (regardless of your age!) here, and more on our high potency Collagen Booster elixir here. And we're including the super-powder, cause we love you!!

*Keep in mind this Collagen (and all products!) has ZERO fillers or flavoring agents.

This is 100% pure plant material.

coconut creamer mushroom creamer

OUR VEGAN CREAMERS are here! In case you missed it, our organic Coconut Creamer and Mushroom Mocha Milk have returned! Our Mushroom Mocha is heirloom cacao, coconut and 7 mushrooms (NO ADDED SUGARS!).  Add to basically anything that you love and it'll be a nutritionally powerful and delicious add-on. Easy for traveling!

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MORE FEATURED ITEMS for you to enjoy
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ASHWAGANDHA - One of our all-time favorite super-powders known to greatly relieve from stress and anxiety due to its ability to reduce cortisol levels. It has also been studied for its brain health benefits, as well as potentially anti-cancerous!  A great daily ally for general mental health. Read more about this precious adaptogenic root here.

HE SHOU WU - One of our all-time favorites for inner beauty and a libido booster. Studies have demonstrated to promote healthy aging and treat conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Although studies have been published on how side effects may cause liver damage, it is important to keep in mind 

he shou wou 

A couple few deets on our liquid formulas 
1. Organic Alcohol. All formulas are extracted primarily in organic cane alcohol, and a small percentage in pharmaceutical grade (+ soy free) vegetable glycerin. 
2. Our water. All of our water is filtered with reverse osmosis.
3. Fresh + Small batches. We do not extract expired or old herbs.


an easy collagen mocktail

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an easy
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[ 3min ]
A super easy summery cocktail you can make to boost up your inner beauty action while enjoying a delicious cocktail under the sweet sun. 
1tsp Collagen Booster Elixir
6-8oz Hibiscus Kombucha
1oz Tangerine Squeeze

Ice cubes
1tsp Pink Salt 
Whole Hibiscus flower 

Rim your glass with pink salt. Add ice in the glass and and 6-8oz of kombucha (you can use kombucha of choice here!) Squeeze in a whole tangerine, and add 1tsp of Collagen Elixir. Garnish with a hibiscus flowers, or use any flower you have available. Mix with a long spoon, and enjoy!


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