HERBS OF THE SUN ~  Sacred Plants, Remedies, Medical Astrology

HERBS OF THE SUN ~ Sacred Plants, Remedies, Medical Astrology

From our 8 week series of Herbs + Astrology

H E R B S   &   P L A N E T S 

Like humans, herbs have complex personalities. They grow and develop under cosmological influences just as much as we do, they favor and thrive in certain environments, they have a nervous system and feel as much (and more!) as we do. And, just like us, some of us thrive under certain astrological transits, while others don’t. Roses for example thrive under certain Jupiter and Venus transits, and just like some of us, we might manifest a soulmate under Jupiter-Venus transits as well! So, it’s no coincidence that Roses, with a medicinal landscape known to boost the heart and blood, along with providing dopamine and aphrodisiac properties — prosper under this transit.

The archetypes within each constellation and planetary body are said to contain complex patterns of energy, that give the origin to our personality. Therefore the astrological configurations that exist when we are born are that which create our base persona, and perhaps the multiple possibilities of “destiny”. Stellar influences are absorbed into anything that is alive on this planet. Plants absorb these stellar vibrations through photosynthesis, detailing the complex nutritious chemistry that it has. 

Correspondences between herbs and planets were already in use during Hippocrates’ life, and continued to be expanded through the centuries. Another infamous herbalist, physician and astrologer, is Nicholas Culpeper. He further developed highly esoteric writings on astrology and herbal configurations, basically becoming today’s definitive source on the subject. His masterful books covered herbal energetics in depth, medical astrology, the astrology of healing & disease, etc. In those times, prior to the discovery of Neptune and Pluto, was based on the 7 visible planets, also known as the “trans-saturnial” planetary influences. We will be integrating Neptune and Pluto into the herbal elements, as those are vital components to today's configurations. 


Over the next 8 weeks we will unravel the different energies each planetary configuration carries, and the associated herbs that fall predominantly under each wing. We will cover all planets, and ultimately you’ll be able to use the table of planetary correspondences to select herbs to enhance a particular energy. This will help you strengthen or enhance the energy of a certain planet or transit within your natal chart and life. This type of “self-prescription” will allow you to generate your own spirit tonic. You may also work with one or more herbs to gain a greater understanding of the nature of that energy.

In astrology, the planets represent different types of energy which manifest in reality. The study of astrology is very vast and definitely a lot more involved than what we will be able to provide on here. But it’ll be broken down in a generalized way so even beginners can being exploring the archetypes through herbal magic.

H E R B S   O F   T H E   S U N

In astrology, the Sun is the central emanation of our ego, it is ruling force of our ego consciousness. Just as its the central presence of our solar system, the Sun represents our base personality and one’s overall health.  

Herbs of the Sun have long been held as herbs for the heart. It is also said to govern the front of the pituitary gland, thymus, spleen, and thyroid. “The Sun indicates the presence and function of oxygen within the body. Difficult aspects with the Sun may affect the health of the body’s vital fluids.” (Culpeper) Many dis-eases arrive due to love self-esteem, and harsh self judgement. People that live in a constant state of self-criticism, self-doubt, or any level of self-hatred, can greatly benefit of solar herbs.

- - -

S O L A R    E N E R G E T I C S 

Solar herbs tend to be hot and dry. They tend to be Yang — expansive, and radiant. 

Through working with solar herbs, the inner seed within ones spirit is more easily broth into manifestation. We are better able to recognize our role, and what we are here to do in this life. It provides us the creativity on how to visualize our life within this Universe. “Just as the radiance of that star which lights our solar system is an emanation of its inner energy, so too does one’s ego seek to shine brightly, frequently seeking to radiate and be recognized as a star among one’s peers.” (Beyerl, P.) Solar herbs help us direct our ego in a useful way in order to achieve spiritual wisdom. The Sun represents our little Ego, and our Super Ego, meaning that it encompasses the entire consciousness, and it is up to us to conduct it in the way that we’re ready for. 

Herbs of the Sun help us better understand the divine nature of manifest reality. Just as herbs are dependent upon the Sun’s rays, so too are our creative endeavors dependent upon a positive, divine radiance from our own inner self. “Solar herbs help open your view of life around you. They are able to assist you in avoiding the magnetic tug of incarnate reality which seeks to place one’s ego upon the very altar of one’s circle.” (Beyerl, P.)

Solar herbs are capable of grounding those with narcissistic and egocentric tendencies. It is important to understand that by strengthening one’s self image, with the tone of balance, naturally ground the superfluous elements of certain personalities. 



Using solar herbs in ritual brings expansive clarity to that which you are seeking. It helps us understand aspects of our life, our ego and situations that we need clarity on. These herbs help us put things back into perspective, and help us find the flow that actually suits our own authentic rhythm. They endow us with courage to fearlessly seek our true vision, and the means to manifest it. This naturally connotes to tapping into universal abundance.

Careful work within ritual requires us to be very selective and precise with what we’re attracting. Be very clear with the image, and change you're looking to bring in, no matter how painful that change might be, so that the highest ideals might manifest properly into your life. Solar herbs are extraordinary for visualization and to bring in the success to what you're looking to accomplish. 

S O L A R   H E R B S 

Base characteristics:
Restores the energy, vitality and immunity overall. Stimulant tonics and most adaptogens.  Cardiotonics that strengthen the heart. Nutritive herbs that hold powerful nutrition. Herbs that improve the eyes and clear the vision (metaphorically and literally). Their “hot” and “dry” overall energy helps dispel cold, damp rheumatic and phlegm from the lungs and respiratory tract. Herbs that resist poison and aid in the recuperation of the vital forces.  Anodyne herbs that relieve pain by their relaxing warmth.  


Herbs  (applies to all spp. within the common name below)

Almond,  Angelica,  Bay Laurel,  Bergamont, Chamomile,  Centaury,  Chia,  Cinnamon,  Eye Bright,  Frankincense,  Guarana,  Juniper,  Jergon Sacha,  Life-Everlasting,  Marigold,  Mistletoe,  Myrrh,  Moringa,  Oats,  Peony,  Rice,  Rhodiola,  Rosemary,  Rue ,  St Johns Wort,  Sunflower,  Turmeric,  Walnut,  Yellow Dock

E X T R A - O R D I N A R Y    
 A B I L I T I E S 

Golden yellow herbs that look like the Sun: Chamomile, Celandine, St. John's Wort. Yellow roots: Rhodiola, Yellow Dock, Turmeric.   

Evergreens or herbs that provide longevity: Bay Laurel, Rhodiola, Fo-Ti, Turmeric.

Cardio-tonics: Angelica, Mistletoe, Saffron, Lovage.  

Herbs known to resist poison and restore vitality: Angelica, Juniper, Rue, Jargon Sacha.

Herbs that clear the vision and often used for psychic vision: Eyebright, Rue and Rosemary 

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” — Henry David Thoreau


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