Sisterhood and herbal medicine combine for a magical meeting setting the stage for the heart and the spirit. Below, we share the recipes from a few of our favorite alchemists and sister goddesses, Sima and Melissa. 

"My dear sister Sima of HOUSE OF CITRINE joined me recently for a blissful afternoon of elixir crafting and sharing her favorites for soothing the mind, body, + spirit.  She is something of a potion goddess this one, and her concoctions are nothing short of magic.  Instantly transforming cellular euphoria.  Utilizing the highest quality, deeply vibrational ingredients, she feels into what the body is needing and creates intuitively from there.  Obviously much needed these days.  

We are in the strangest, most traumatizing of times.  That is absolutely an understatement and I'm not sure how else to put it gracefully without losing my cool.  But here we are.  And so our full time self care, self love, spirit lifting mission commences.  Along with communing with our brothers + sisters, uniting our voices, and getting louder and louder and louder.  In order to do so, our spirits must stay high and Sima's elixirs are such a beautiful way to deliver potent + powerfully supportive herbs, flower essences, + adaptogens directly to our nervous systems to assist in finding a calm, focused, uplifted, gently energized, + soothed internal space.  A space from which we can then do the work that is desperately needed in this world.

Here is Sima with her beautiful alchemy ::


PROCESS :: Mix together.  Enjoy this fermented heart opener instead of a alcoholic beverage with your friends. This will be sure to give you a boost. When you enjoy this elixir think of all the things you're grateful for and it will bring a smile to your face. Everything in this elixir is from Mother Earth. We have been blessed to drink her nectar."


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