Afternoon no coffee ☕️ pick-me-up that will gently nourish your adrenals, gut and kidneys. Swap out the second cup of heavy caffeine in the afternoon to allow your nervous system to loosen and restore. This doesn’t mean sleepy time, it just means your body’s natural energy actually restores!


1Tbsp Happiness powder
1/2tsp Rose powder
2oz Hot water
4oz Warm Oat Milk (or plantbased milk of choice)

Directions: Steep the Happiness in hot water. Mix well or use a hand blender until silky smooth. Add the Rose powder a minute or two later once the heat has cooled down a bit (or opt out if you don’t want rose flavor). Pour in the warm milk, add sweetener if you’d like. Dust off with more rose and happiness.

Our Happiness powder was created as an alternative to our popular Happiness elixir which has mood boosters (and regulators) such as Mucuna, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Albizzia. Along with an exquisite mix of herbal “coffee” roots that give it that coffee flavor, like roasted burdock, chicory and dandelion root.

📷 by the magical and magnificent @silvia_salvialimone

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