The Sun’s passage through Scorpio (Oct. 22 - Nov. 21) takes us through a sacred doorway between the past and the present, the seen and the unseen, the space between life and death. 

This week marks a time of festivals of remembrance—like All Souls’ Day, Ilgės, Día de los Muertos, Dziady, Samhain — honoring our ancestors and the unseen realms, because the barrier between this world and other, more mysterious worlds grows thin. Scorpio season is the last and deepest harvest, as what birthed and sustained our lives dies back, vines withering and leaves wilting. The decay and breakdown represented by Scorpio is the part of the solar cycle that ensures new life will come by building the soil’s fertility. 

What dies away becomes energy for future growth.

Scorpio brings a power of observing what is unseen but present, sensed through intuition and deeper psychic powers. And yet it is in powerful dialogue with earthy and practical Taurus on the Blue Moon that happens Oct. 31 at 7:50am Pacific. The Taurus Moon will conjoin Uranus, the planet of sudden upsets, surprises and awakenings, exactly as she opposes the Scorpio Sun to make a Blue Moon, the rare occasion of a second Full Moon in a month. Taurus has a seemingly opposite nature to Scorpio, even as they are preoccupied with the same topics of security, trust, stability, possessions, creations, abundance, and appearances. Where Taurus wants to build up and sustain, Scorpio may wish to tear down and start anew. Taurean fear of scarcity can freeze it in place, while the Scorpionic pursuit of abundance can drive it to obsession. Taurus prefers calmer emotional seas, while Scorpio flirts with capsizing on 30-foot ocean swells. All of these preoccupations are electrified and destabilized by the shock of Uranus, which can bring a lot of anxiety, worry, and perhaps feelings of helplessness on the one hand, or a desire to revolt and assert control, on the other.


The planetary patterns at play this week suggest a few ways of working with this tense and unpredictable high-energy Blue Moon. There is so much Venus (love, beauty, connection) and so much Mars (aggression, vitality, separation) in the air and indeed these two planets together form The Lover archetype, a basic pattern of relationship. The Lover can engage in so many ways, not just with romantic ideas. Put beauty (Venus) into action (Mars) ! We could make and enjoy art of any and all kinds—spoken, written, visual, and movement. Express our anxieties, our hopes, our dreams, our fears so they aren’t just churning around in our minds and bodies, because expression might help us shape shift into something more approachable.


Bringing in Scorpio season traditions, we could make an artful, beautiful family altar to celebrate what has past, and include all of our family—beloved pets, mentors and other people who have shaped us. Or even include wild animals or plants or landscapes whose magic, power and qualities resonate with you. Gather all that which fills you with gratitude and appreciation, awe and wonder. A creative process of connecting and rooting into our relations and with that which is larger than ourselves can help us to stand at the center of any whirling storms, rather than be spun off at the edges.


Especially since the planet of thinking, communication and exchange, Mercury, will be standing still on Nov. 3 as they stop retrograde motion and return to forward movement. It could take awhile for any confusions to clear. Mercury will also be making a tense square aspect with Saturn (exact Nov. 1) and Saturn defines the limits, brings the judgment and holds the space for growth to happen. This combination can add to a sense of being closed in and correlate with harsh, critical words and thoughts. Communicating with (Mercury) the strength of the past and what does support us (Saturn) can call in the presence of mind to face uncertainties or worries or sudden changes. It is likely to be a challenging week for understanding, and draw down every bit of our patience. May we spiral into the center of our longings and find our roots there.

Cosmic Sightings by astrologer Erica Jones.
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