THIRD EYE LATTE : Blue Lotus Mucuna Magic

THIRD EYE LATTE : Blue Lotus Mucuna Magic

The perfect combination of euphoric Blue Lotus, with the feel-good aphrodisiac/ adaptogenic magic of Mucuna, along with the energizing bliss of cacao, you basically get a cuppa bliss. This is a super easy cup of magic that you can make essentially anytime of day when you want to unwind, feel good and soothe the mind. Mucuna and Blue Lotus are very complementary chemically, so when combined they exponentiate each other. And don't be afraid to drink this at night, did you know that cacao can actually help you relax and even give you better sleep!? Read all about cacao's restorative powers here.



1.5 tbsp raw cacao powder 

1 tsp mucuna powder

2oz of steeped blue lotus tea 

6oz hot water 

2-4oz warm plantbased milk of choice 

1/4 tsp vanilla bean powder

1-2 tsp coconut sugar (optional)

dash cinnamon (optional)


Servings: Makes One

Directions: first, steep 1tsp blue lotus for 3-5min in about 2oz of hot water. Strain, and combine with the other powders and the 6oz of hot water. Whisk intensively and add your warm plant-based milk of choice. OR, super easy way is to combine all ingredients as mentioned above together blend and enjoy immediately. For those seeking this chilled (which is ridiculously good) use chilled water add ice and blend. Enjoy!


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