5 things that might be blocking your psychic powers

5 things that might be blocking your psychic powers

 Are you tending to the needs of your third eye? 

All of us are born with intuitive or psychic abilities, but often, especially as we grow older, we tend to loose these abilities for several reasons. When we're innocent children, we have total availability to this energy, yet because of culture, belief systems, parental inhibitions, etc. we don't get to explore it as kids. It's never too late.

You can start the psychic "elimination diet" right now, and begin to experience this part of yourself regularly. 

1. Say Goodbye to Energetic Vampires.

Surrounding yourself with negative people or energy is perhaps one of the leading causes to many kinds of imbalances. When we have to deal with negative people, we learn to put our protective shields up, consciously and unconsciously. The body naturally protects itself, yet by being under "attack" it naturally places barriers over our flowy abilities, especially when we deal with these people or situations on a daily basis. Depending on our environment, the barrier might not come down for extended periods of time, becoming more of a permanent block than we actually intended. There is no need for us to reduce our sensory gates, we need to pin down what and who it is exactly in our life that enables that gating, so that we can step away and open up again. 

2. DO NOT take stress seriously.

I have to practice this one myself. Most of us understand that high levels of stress are not good for us, but research has shown us that hormonal imbalances are caused by high stress levels. Since our pineal gland is part of the endocrine system, these imbalances have a direct effect on our third eye, which is thought of as the link between our physical and spiritual selves. Being outside or in nature, when you're very stressed, is not just a nice thought, it literally can re-wire your chemistry if you are grounding yourself to the earth. Check out our other blog post on the secrets of being barefoot.

3. Are you spending enough time in Nature?

This is a major one for most folks. Wether we live in a city or out in the suburbs, finding and relaxing consciously in nature is a healing experience. For example, studies have shown that walking barefoot in nature changes blood flow to the brain, resulting in us being more attentive and reducing our stress hormone, cortisol. 

 "Walking along a highway, according to researchers, resulted in increased anxiety and depression, which certainly can create a block to receiving psychic or intuitive information."   - Core Spirit



4. Food and movement are everything.

What you're eating is playing a direct role in how your stress is managed (and where you store it!) When we're stressed the body craves quick fixes, mostly based from sugar and carbs. Which unfortunately are cortisol's best friends, basically supporting the expansion and strength of stress. There's also a tendency to overeat, so we might be attracted to eating these candida-building foods to unsubstantially meet the energy required for the day. If you're chronically stressed, you're body is running on empty. If there are no mineral reservoirs, or healthy back ups stored in the body, you'll end up breaking down in exhaustion. This of course leads to a debilitated mind, and nonetheless a weakened psychic connection. Be sure to eat the right nourishing foods and herbs to activate your pineal, while balancing your hormones.

Some basic Food suggestions:

nuts, seeds, good fats/oils, good quality fish/krill oil for the non-vegans, seaweed, probiotics.

As for Herbs, there quite a lot that help activate the pineal gland, my favorites are:

kava kava, skullcap, blue lotus, passionflower, wild dagga, pedicularis, 

5. Not grounding yourself properly.

The pull of the spiritual world can certainly be alluring. It is fundamental we have a grounding practice within our toolbox that we can access at all times. This can look very different to many people, and its important for you to connect to your higher self to receive the proper grounding for yourself. Tools that work along with grounding visualizations is "earthing", carrying (and wearing) your selected choice of crystals and, flower & gem essences. Doing so allows us to replenish our energy so that we can be open to our abilities.

A helpful visualization that can help is the microcosmic meditation; A termed coined by Mantak Chia, a Daoist Qi Gong master. Standing very solid with your feet rooted into the ground, or in an upright seated position, imagine energy moving from the base of the spine all the way up to the top of the crown, pouring back down over your forehead, throat, heart, solar plexus, and sacrum. Imagine it going round and round touching every organ possible. Continue until you feel rejuvenated and grounded.

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