Energetics + Herbs of the Moon

By Adriana Ayales

The full moon happening this July 4th weekend, also known as The Buck Moon, is three times more potent than a regular full moon, as it’s also a lunar eclipse! Brace yourself, (again!) this is one of the many intensive planetary transits within 2020’s cosmic landscape. The Eclipse is said to peak at 12:30 am ET on July 5th and 9:30 PST on July 4th. 


Historically, an eclipse has acted as a symbolic portal for exponential growth and a time of rapid change, both internally and externally. The moon is symbolic of our subconscious mind and our emotional body. The moon governs our intuition and our ability to nurture, and be nurtured.  

Eclipses ignite change and evolution. During a lunar eclipse, the shadow of the Earth falls across the face of the Moon bringing unconscious feelings to the surface, demanding our direct attention upon them. Lunar eclipses are unique alignments that signal culminations of emotional cycles that have run their course. The energetics of renewal and change are at an all-time high amidst eclipses, and they beckon us to do routine maintenance on our emotional body. These alignments are an invitation for deep self-observation and intention setting. 


Eclipses are rare because they can only take place when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are all perfectly aligned. Eclipses usually come in sets of 2 two, but this year they come in sets of three. This is the first of these 3 (three) consecutive Eclipses which continue to precipitate life-changing shifts. Full moon’s classically embody a time for us to observe and release attachments or blocks and barriers inhibiting our authentic expression. The energy of a full moon embodies the culmination of a cycle, bringing light and upleveling consciousness to a higher frequency. The full moon paired with the eclipse might may shift habitual perceptions and beliefs to expanded insight and shed light on how one might evolve to higher states of consciousness. 

The fiery energy of this eclipse, due to the shared experience it has with Mars and Chiron, might feel VERY heated and dramatic. But remember, that as you feel habitual emotions inhibiting your mind, the true energetics are demanding a deeper shift and evolution to the habitual trigger. The heat of what arises is there to provide transformation, don’t succumb to the emotions that might be provoked. Observe them, visualize stepping out of them, and evolve to a new version of truth. 
Use this Eclipse portal to deeply observe and evaluate your assumptions, beliefs, habitual attitudes, and ways of perceiving the world. Use this time to anchor into your heart, tune into the graceful energetics that love, compassion, and empathy brings. Use this as a time to lift the veil of your usual self in order to open up to Higher Truths that go beyond ego-mind perspectives. Get creative with your ‘shadow-work’, let go of people and situations that don’t allow you to blossom, stay true to your desires, don’t adopt other people’s version of reality if it isn’t authentic to yours. Relax from the depths of your nervous system, and give yourself the loving space to step into a new version of YOU.


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By nature lunar herbs are cool and moist. They represent the feminine or Yin aspects of the Universe and may be worked in polarity with solar herbs. Lunar herbs promote a nurturing quality within the individual and work compatibly with the receptive aspects of one’s being.

+ Digestive herbs, both cooling and warming herbs that assist the digestive system. 

+ Kidney herbs that prevent the over accumulation of uric acid, preventing the formation of kidney stones (diuretics). These particular herbs naturally can prevent the formation of gall stones as well.

+ Blood herbs that assist as anti-coagulants and diuretics.

Many of the dopamine regulating herbs (feel-good herbs) are lunar, along with herbs for dreamwork, pineal gland tonics, and herbs that soothe a heavy heart, and assist deep relief to pain and/or trauma. 

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FLOWERS: anise, blue lotus, clary sage, milk thistle, fleur-de-lis, ginger, hibiscus, milk thistle, poppy, rose (+ venus).

BARKS / RESINS / OTHERS: aloe, chanca piedra, copal, frankincense, kava kava, kalea sacatechichi, myrrh, mugwort, pau d'arco (+pluto), passionflower, orris, sangre de drago, sandalwood, yerba santa.

FOODS: almond, bamboo, chickweedcoconut, maracuja, passionfruit, tamarind, tapioca, turnip, watercress.

VISIONARY: ayahuasca (banisteropsis caapi), poppy. 

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