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Intensive 7 day Herbal Cleanse.

Purge, Release & Restore.


An advanced program that can be taken as an intensive 7 day detox or moderately throughout the course of a month.  

 Burn away all stagnation and old fat that does not serve you anymore.

Cleansing and detox dates back to ancient times. The healing benefits of restricting certain dietary patterns, and adding cleansing superfoods is un-paralleled. There is nothing more satisfactory and more powerful than accomplishing a hard cleanse and feeling great. At Anima Mundi we recommend cleansing several times a year, this optimizes higher level body functioning and prevention.

There are many different types of cleanses in the market. They often contain small amounts of minerals, fiber, and insignificant amounts of cleansing herbs, yet are advertised to be the best, when they can actually be depleting.

The Panacea: Green Body Cleanse is as real as it gets, enhancing deep therapeutic and cleansing results. 

The Panacea Master Cleanse contains:

  • 1x Chanca Piedra. Liver & Gall Bladder Cleanser (6oz)
  • 1x Mangosteen Hibiscus. Beauty Superfoods (6oz) ** New Addition
  • 1x Viridem Elixir. Master Detoxifier Green Elixir (4oz)
  • 1x Qi. Energy & Adrenals (4oz) ** New Addition
  • 1x Amargo Liver Vitale extract (2oz)
  • 1x Curam . Anti-aging & Anti-Cancer Elixirs (4oz)
  • 1x Pau D' Arco Anti-Candidal Powerhouse (6oz) ** New Addition

A multi-organ renewal cleanse box:

Chanca Piedra will be your GallBladder and Liver assistant. The Mangosteen Hibiscus Superfood and Curam Elixir will be your Beauty tonics plus Anti-oxidant powerhouses. The Viridem and Amargo act as your gut cleansers and powerful detoxifiers. The Pau D'Arco will remove all excess candidal overgrowth, while giving your immune system essential chemistry to thrive.

Basic Recommendations:

This cleanse is meant to be done with a high fiber diet, or within a juice cleanse. Either form can be very helpful to the system, boosting high medicinal nutrition into all organ systems. These medicines have a very strong detoxifying quality, and more effective when eating a plant based diet.

We recommend this cleanse to be done within 7 intensive days. But, most importantly follow you own GUT and listen to the pace you need to go. These medicines can last up to 30 days. If you feel it within yourself to go at a more gently rhythm, and cleanse at your own tempo, please do. It'll but just as effective and powerful because you are matching what your body and mind needs.



** Please ask us directly if you'd like to tailor your cleanse on something specific you'd like to work on. We review particular files and cases to create a particular formula to your history. Please contact us directly before purchasing and tell us you'd like it custom for us to send you an attachment with questions. Email us at 

 Please ask us any questions!


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