Enjoy our full line of products from the beautiful neighborhood of Soho! We offer a wide variety of organic, wildcrafted, energetically abundant herbal remedies in super powders, tonics, elixirs, and teas! Or sip on them while you shop, freshly concocted with cacao, matcha, or espresso from our plant bar!

Our tonic bar + store is open 7 days a week!

Monday - Saturday: 11 - 7pm
Sunday: 11 - 6pm
*We have limited in-person classes (and online) where we teach about herbalism, astrology and the mystical arts, if you'd like to hear about the up and coming events we host in collaboration with The Alchemists Kitchen, please reach out or visit our platform here. or our social pages: @animamundiherbals

Address: 117 Crosby St New York, NY 10012
Phone: +1 917-933-8905  


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