Turkey Tail, Organic 4 oz BULK BAG

$ 34


Widely available, growing on every continent ( except Antarctica!) Turkey Tail Trametes Versicolor)  features a broad array of naturally occurring compounds that help to improve stamina and support gut health, which, in turn, correlates with a healthy immune system. This adaptogenic mushroom is packed with antioxidants, including powerful flavonoids and more than 35 phenols.  It promotes immune system health by helping to manage inflammation and by stimulating the release of immune-supportive compounds. This mushroom also helps to nourish the beneficial bacteria in the gut and assist in the restoration of a balance of good flora in the gastrointestinal tract, supporting improved digestion and a healthy immune response.This is a great ally for disease prevention and keeping your immune system strong. 

Key Benefits:


Product Assets:  

  • 100% Organically Grown
  • Cell Wall Extracted (zero fillers or processors!!)
  • Steam Extracted Extract powder 
  • Tested for 10% Beta Glucans
  • Grown in WA State
  • Blend contains both fruiting body and mycelium.

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