Mulungu - Amazonian Hypnotic + Nervine

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Mulungu has long been used in Brazil by indigenous peoples as a natural sedative. It has been used to calm an overexcited nervous system and promote a restful sleep.

In both North and South American herbal medicine systems, mulungu is considered to be an excellent sedative to help calm agitation, mood disorders, chronic stress, and to treat other nervous system problems including insomnia, anxiety and even epilepsy. It has also been widely used for asthma, bronchitis, inflammation of the liver and spleen, intermittent fevers, and to clear obstructions in the liver.

Herbalists and practitioners in the United States use mulungu to quiet hysteria from trauma or shock, as a mild, hypnotic sedative to calm the nervous system, to treat insomnia and promote healthy sleeping patterns (by sedating overactive neurotransmitters), to regulate heart palpitations, and to treat hepatitis and liver disorders. Positive regulatory effects on heart palpitations and decreased blood pressure have been reported; Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, a chiropractor who has used Amazonian plants in her practice, recommends mulungu for hernias, stomachaches, and epilepsy - and to help augment milk flow as well." 

For more in-depth info including scientific studies and more tribal uses, click here.

Ingredients: Erythrina mulungu, wildcrafted, inner bark powder

2oz per bag

Directions: 1tsp per cup of water.

Decoction: For a stronger serving, boil in water for 20minutes, strain and enjoy with honey and/or with other aromatic herbs, like lemon balm, tulsi, rose petals, etc.  

For a milder serving, infuse in hot water for 10-15minutes, strain and enjoy on its own, or with honey and/or other aromatic herbs.

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