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CLARITY | Purifying Smoke Bundle

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Clarifying Magic | Purification | Protection

Garden wands for smoke cleansing are essential tools to ignite clarity, protection, intention and vision. It is a practice found in many cultures around the world, where plants, resins, barks, and roots are gathered in reverence, and bundled to use as an offering. It is often considered that the herbs used during fire ceremonies, or transformed through fire, established a gateway to the supernatural, assisting as a divinatory tool.

This 'Clarity' bundle combines a harmonious blend of herbs and botanicals, each selected for their unique properties to purify, protect, and elevate your space. Ideal for cleansing rituals, meditation, or simply enhancing your environment with their natural benefits.

The Magick Behind the Ingredients:

  • Rosemary:  Purification and protection. Rosemary is known for its ability to cleanse negative energy, enhance memory, and provide a shield of protection.
  • Lavender:  Calm and tranquility. Lavender soothes the mind + promotes relaxation, making it a staple for mental clarity and emotional balance.
  • Yarrow:  Love and courage. Connected to the element of water, yarrow offers emotional support + increases psychic powers.
  • Chamomile:  Peace and healing. Chamomile promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, and encourages restful sleep. 
  • Rose:  Love and compassion. Rose petals are synonymous with love, self-care, and emotional healing. 
  • Calendula:  Joy and positivity. Calendula flowers are known for their bright, sunny energy. 
  • Dried Orange:  Happiness and creativity. Uplifts the spirit, promote joy, and stimulates creativity. 
CLARITY | Purifying Smoke Bundle


We follow the highest manufacturing standards with passion! 

Anima Mundi is a family owned and operated business. Our superfoods are made in an FDA registered and cGMP certified facility, made in the U.S. with certified organic herbs and wild harvested plants in a vegan and gluten free kitchen. Our products contain zero fillers, binders or flow agents. They are lab tested for purity and efficiency.