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Anima Mundi was born out of the desire to having a natural form of healthcare that is symbiotic with nature. The root of our intention is to craft high potency formulas, utilizing ancient healing methods applied and studied by rainforest natives.

Sourcing from botanical history, we aim to bring a wide range of formulas for wellness and longevity. The preservation of alchemy is how we want to write history. Within our formulas you’ll find wisdom that has been revered by medicine people across the world. We directly work with native people in Costa Rica and the Amazon, where the mayority of our formulas are inspired from. 

Our formulations capture the essence of different traditions. Anima Mundi integrates Rainforest Tribal botany, with Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Our aim is to create an eclectic and potent modus operandi to craft next level recipes for longevity. 


Elixirs & Tonics

Our Elixirs and Tonics are both different kinds of extraction. Elixirs involve a decoction, to extract water soluble aspects of certain herbs, like essential polysaccharides and certain alkaloids. We then use organic cane spirits and/or vegetable glycerin (palm and coconut base) to extract and naturally preserve the elixir. As for tonics they are more potent, and usually extracted directly as a tincture or glycerite. They are extracted with potent ratios using 8:1 or 10:1 (herbs to liquid). For example, for our mushroom medicines (Adaptogenic Tonic + Soma Elixir) we also do the crack cell wall extraction by slow cooking them for a period of 4-5 days, to ensure that we are truly extracting their chemistry.

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Extract Powders

Our extract powders are sourced from small farmers that we trust. These are powders are processed by first extracting them in water soluble menstrual, and then going through a low heat drying procedure to ensure the chemistry is preserved. We work directly with our sources to ensure our standards of low temperatures are abided, as well as no fillers included. We also undergo laboratory analysis for all of our powders to  make sure the soil doesn't contain heavy metals or toxicity that might be absorbed through the plants.