SACRED HEMP Pre-rolls | Organic, Relaxing + Euphoric

$ 42

Relaxing | Decompressing | Euphoric 

Our intention in creating these beautiful and exquisite Hemp flower pre-rolls, was to offer a ceremonial, relaxing and euphoric blend of plant allies that we love, along with high quality Hemp flowers. 

Our Hemp based blend is composed of 35% organically grown Hemp flowers from Oregon, along with euphoric herbs like Blue Lotus, Damiana and Rose … PLUS lung supportive plants like Mullein, Raspberry Leaf, and more! 

  • Relaxing
  • Heart Opening 
  • Mildly euphoric due to the boosting effects of Damiana and Blue Lotus
  • Air-tight seal
  • Glass bottle, bamboo cap
  • 35% Organic Hemp
  • 65% Organic flowers + herbs 
  • 10 Pre-Rolls 
Due to customs regulations, we cannot ship this product outside of the USA.
Age Restriction: this product is strictly intended for use by individuals who are 21 years of age or older. This product is not suitable for minors or individuals under the legal age for tobacco and herbal product consumption within your jurisdiction. By purchasing and using this product, you are confirming that you are of legal age.
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Hemp Flower

Ceremonial Hemp Smoke | Organic + Wild Smoke Blend This relaxing and opening smoke contains 100% organic Hemp flowers grown lovingly in Oregon. Each herb within this blend has a plethora of healing benefits and has been traditionally used internally, externally and as a smoke for centuries. 35% Hemp Flowers + 65% Herbs

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A classic aphrodisiac native to Mexico and Central America. Damiana boosts mood, increases libido, sex drive, reduces stress and anxiety, and lowers performance anxiety. Traditionally it has been used to help with depressive moods, fertility, and hormonal imbalances.

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This plant has a long history of use in Western and Asian botanical medicine. Skullcap is a strong nervine, nervous system tonic, used to support exhausted nerves, uplifts mood, reduces anxiety, and deeply relaxes the body and mind.

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