BRAIN KIT : Adaptogenic Nootropics

$ 99

An adaptogenic brain kit composed of two of our prized botanical nootropic formulas, Ashwagandha, known for its brain protecting qualities, and Happiness, a relaxing, yet uplifting formula with herbs known to help beat anxiety and stress.

Read more on each formula via our website for more information on each.

Composed of:

The Mind  - Lions Mane *, Mucuna Bean, Lucuma*, Gotu Kola Leaf*, Ginkgo Leaf^, Brahmi Leaf*, Holy Basil Leaf* (5:1 extract powders) All Organic or Wildcrafted.

Ashwagandha - 100% Organic, cold water extract powder

Cerebrum Tonic - 10:1 high potency extract of Lions Mane mushroom, Gotu Kola extract powder, Bacopa extract powder, Ginkgo leaf, Tulsi leaf and Rosemary.  Organic and Wildcrafted

Happiness - 10:1 high potency extract of Ashwagandha extract powder, Albizzia flower and bark, St Johns Wort, Mucuna seed extract powder, Rhodiola root.  

Recommended Intake:

AM: Enjoy 1/2tsp Ashwagandha in your favorite tea, juice or smoothie. 

LATE AM: Use 1tsp of The Mind in your choice of beverage, can be used as needed, up to 2-3x per day. Excellent in matcha, tea, chai, coffee, and even functional foods like power palls, nut butters, etc. *Highly recommended to use in beverage or food that contains a healthy fat within it, such as coconut oil, avocado oil, MCT oil, ghee, etc. This can also be paired with fish oil (or other DHA oils) for optimum effects.

PM: Take 30-40 drops of Cerebrum 40-60 minutes after lunch to eliminate the afternoon slump.

LATE AFTERNOON/EVENING: Take 40-60 drops of Happiness with a delicious tea, golden milk, or mocktail

*Pro Tip! We recommend everyone listen to their body intuitively and follow the dosage and frequency of use. The way it's laid out is to boost the brain and is recommended for 1-1.5 months. This is a great regime if you're experiencing mental fatigue, mood imbalances, lack of concentration, or simply easily distracted. The herbs within the formulas are non-toxic, yet we recommend stopping after 1 month to feel the effects and note if adjustments are needed.  

Our kits are packed with eco-friendly materials so you can feel good about feeling good!

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