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Rosa damascena

Rose Otto is a very high quality essential oil from the Valley of the Roses in Central Bulgaria. Ours is diluted with Jojoba Oil, so that it can be applied directly to the skin. 

The sublime scent of Rosa damascena is sweet and full-bodied, fresh, warm, and floral with hints of citrus and earthy green. It is truly exquisite! 

Rose Otto has varied applications in aromatherapy, skincare, and perfumery for thousands of years. Known as "the oil of love", Rose oil is said to encourage the opening of the heart. 

Rose + Jojoba Formulation

Rose Otto is one of the most valuable essential oils, produced in limited quantities each year. It takes 40,000 blossoms to make 1 ounce of oil, which means it takes 67 blossoms to make 1 drop of oil (600 drops in an ounce). We have purposefully combined it with Jojoba oil, to have it more accessible and ready for anointing.

If you would love the pure concentrate of this oil, please contact us directly. We do pour this oil in smaller or larger formats, for special customized orders. 

Aromatic Profile: 

  • Perfumery Note: mid
  • Odor: fresh, warm, deeply floral and rich with hints of soft citrus zest, faint pepper and earthy green body notes and a muted waxy undertone; extremely complex, sweet and full-bodied
  • Blends Well With: citrus oils such as Bergamot and Lemon; florals such as Lavender, Ylang-ylang, and Orange Blossom; also Patchouli, Black Pepper, Frankincense, Vanilla, and Clary Sage
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Rose embodies spiritual love, by energetically softening and opening the heart, quieting the mind, and giving us the gift of remembrance of our essential nature. Rose supports more ease and love in our lives. It connects and builds bridges between heart and mind, ourselves and others, inner and outer. Rose also offers us the opportunity to remove the thorns of past hurts and “samskara” - the imprints left on the subconscious mind by experience, which then color our responses, states of mind, emotional reactions, etc. - and open us to sweetness in our lives.

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