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Ready for a natural face lift? Gua sha is an ancient technology that originated in Asia, where natural polished stones were used to massage the face and body to increase circulation. There are many sizes, but even this small size often used for the face, can be used throughout the body, for example your arms, chest, glute area and more. Give it a try with a little regenerative oil, and you'll be shocked at how quickly you'll notice the changes. 

This Bundle Contains: 

Collagen Booster Face Oil: This is a botanically dense and luxurious oil made entirely of plant-based goodness. Formulated for all skin types in need of restoration, hydration and protection. Contains the deeply rejuvenating and adaptogenic powers of He Shou Wu and Gynostemma, the antioxidant powers of Mangosteen peel and Rose, the regenerative powers of Calendula and Comfrey, and the mineralizing powers of Nettles, Helichrysum, and many more!*

Rose Quartz Gua Sha: This Gua Sha is made from rose quartz, a natural quartz formed in either igneous rocks or environments with geothermal waters. Use morning and/ or night to improve overall skin health and appearance by stimulating collagen, massaging tense muscles, and promoting lymphatic drainage. Pairing it with our collagen boosting oil is known to provide excellent results! 

 Sustainability matters to us!

The elixir bottles are made with recycled glass. The labels are biodegradable. The kits are gift packed with eco-friendly materials such as aspen wood shavings, eucalyptus and flower petals! For gift wrapped options, this year we're inspired on the Japanese furoshiki gift wrapping, which is a beautiful technique using cloth. For an additional cost we are offering gift wrapping in 100% cotton cloth, and additional sprigs of herbs to beautify your gift sustainably and lovingly.

*  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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Rejuvenating Face Massage

Gently clean face using exfoliant or simply using water. After drying your face, moisturize with Collagen Face Oil. Using Gua Sha blade, 'comb' the face: gently slide the Gua Sha Blade from the center, outward. This enables detoxification and helps clear the skin.

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