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The Sacred Path of Dreaming: Faeries

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Gain an understanding of the fae and their ways Saturday, July 27th from 7pm-9pm at our Venice Apothecary.

Faeries, The Good Folk, The Little People, The Shining Ones, trolls, goblins, dryads, mermaids, star people… They are there at the edges of things–sometimes glimpsed out of the corner of our eye, under the bridge, and behind the closet door. They walk through tales told at dusk on summer evenings, and dance through our dreams & collective longing. We are filled with reverence, ecstasy, and terror as we approach the veil behind which they flutter.

Who are they? How do we find them? How do we walk safely & respectfully with our earthy neighbors who seem so close, yet so far away? During the Sacred Path of Dreaming gathering we will carefully tend to our relations of the middle worlds & in-betweens. We will learn to move into natural trance states with the sound of the drum, leave offerings, and take flight to find the guardians at the gate, and perhaps…allies.

We gather together to create community & build energetic support systems through active dreaming & ancestral, earth based practices.    

Bring an offering for the Fae, and sacred items for our collective altar.

Enjoy a special Lucid Dreaming tea from Anima Mundi to open our vision & hearts.          

Kai Altair is a practitioner & facilitator who partners with compassionate helping spirits using natural trance states. She is a Teacher of Active Dreaming, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Meditation Instructor, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Psychedelic Integration Coach, and Tarot Reader. In private practice for over two decades, she trained & apprenticed with Robert Moss, Julie Kramer, Sandra Ingerman, and native traditional teachers from North & South America.

Kai practices ancient divination, musical and movement traditions, and is deeply connected to the energies of the natural world. Her passion is to be in service to containers of ritual, ceremony, and rites of passage. For over a decade she worked inside nursing and rehab facilities with communities of elders. She continues her work tending the threshold between life & death, which informs her practice with tenderness & courage. Today her travels often find her alongside spiritual seekers, artists, and festival goers from around the world.

Kai creates a safe, grounded, and playful environment for others to cultivate a direct relationship with their personal path, and benevolent helping spirits. Her intention is to inspire attunement to imagination, universal life force energy, and present moment awareness. A performance artist, writer, and composer of sacred music- Kai lives in Northern California, and spends much of her time traveling the world in pursuit of musical and spiritual adventure.


  • Space is limited so please reserve your tickets prior to the event.

  • Refunds will only be issued 24 hours or more prior to the event.

The Sacred Path of Dreaming: Faeries
The Sacred Path of Dreaming: Faeries


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