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Sound Nectar

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Elevate your vibrations and find inspiration through the ancient practice of sound with SOUND NECTAR on Friday, April 26th at 7pm at our Venice Apothecary.

Join us for a meditative practice of Sound Bath – a practice of listening to an array of calming instruments, experienced through lying down on a yoga mat, or seated with cozy blankets and pillows, allowing the sounds to wash over you.

Sound bath helps rejuvenate and restore our energy, shifting us into a state of harmony and balance. It can also heighten clarity, quiet the mind, and relieve stress to create feelings of a deep sense of balance, calm and relaxation.

What to bring: 

  • Yoga mat
  • Comfy clothes
  • Water

Note: Due to limited space to lie down, early arrival is recommended. Later arrivals may sit on couches or meditation cushions.

You will leave feeling:

  • Calm and centered
  • Inspired to have a fresh perspective
  • Renewed and refreshed
  • Reconnected to yourself
  • Equipped to let go of what no longer serves you

Karen Jaffe is the founder of SOUND NECTAR. Her practice helps others move to a higher state of consciousness, release blocked emotions, and create space for peace, healing, relaxation, and activating pure joy!

Beyond sound bath experiences, SOUND NECTAR encompasses Karen’s heart for travel, mindfulness, holistic living, creativity, and joyful self-expression and expansion. She is passionate about sharing her practice with others, and offering sound experiences at inspiring getaways, as well as health and wellness destinations.

IG: @sound_nectar

Sound Nectar


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