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Sacred Women's Drum Circle

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Join us at the Brooklyn Apothecary on Tuesday, July 16th, 7pm-9pm for a sacred women's drumming circle, hosted by Erin Wile.
Gather with us in sacred circle as we harness the power of rhythm and community and connect with Divine Feminine. Together, we will weave a tapestry of intention, harmony, and connection, honoring the magic that resides within each of us and the universe at large.

This circle is open to ALL who identify as female. Whether you are an experienced drummer or holding a drum for the first time, this circle welcomes all levels of experience

Together we will:
•Ground together in our circle with movement, cacao and meditation
•Connect to the Drum with gratitude
•Learn Medicine Drum songs
•Journal + Share Circle in reflection
•Allow the process to unfold organically

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Let the beat of our drums resonate within and beyond, carrying the essence of our prayer + shared journey into the world. We look forward to drumming with you under the cosmic embrace.

*Space is limited, please purchase tickets in advance. Refunds will only be accepted up to 24 hours prior to the event*

About Erin:
Erin Wile is a devoted advocate for healing, transformation, and social justice, with over two decades of diverse experience. Before the pandemic, she co-facilitated the transformative "Phoenix Woman" group, fostering connections among women and facilitating healing from the wounds of the feminine.
Immediately following lockdown, she also hosted virtual sessions, "Communing + Connecting; Finding New Ways," utilizing heliotropic breathing techniques, journaling, meditation, and more to create spaces for personal growth while being quarantined.

As an Earth Ritualist, she blends herbalism with ancient Andean traditions, guiding group rituals and preserving earth-based wisdom. Presently, she guides group rituals where they collaboratively offer prayers for the earth, the collective, and the individual. Erin’s dedication lies in not only preserving but also sharing earth-based wisdom and fostering self-care practices.

Erin organizes wellness gatherings where she introduces spiritual and somatic practices to diverse groups, fostering a holistic approach to collective well-being. Co-founder of the T.E.P (Transformation Equity + Parity) committee, she leads impactful training sessions on bias, white fragility, and gender equity within the union, shaping their collective journey.

Erin also offers personalized 1:1 healing and transformational sessions, guiding individuals, couples, and mothers and daughters on journeys of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. 

Join her on an empowering journey of self-discovery, profound healing, and collective transformation as we co-create mindful, beautiful, and deeply meaningful experiences together.

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Sacred Women&
Sacred Women&


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