Kayla Pilates x Anima Mundi

$ 40

Are you seeking a deeper connection between your physical well-being and your inner self?

Join Kayla's pilates class taking place in our apothecary September 26th at 7pm and experience the harmony of movement, mindfulness, and spirituality. This unique fusion will help you cultivate a holistic sense of wellness that uplifts not only your body but also your soul.

Kayla Principato is a Brooklyn-based pilates instructor who specializes in mindful movement. A former professional athlete with a lifelong affinity for holistic wellness, her teaching style prioritizes the mind-body connection, helping students develop inner awareness to connect with their body and cultivate strength from within. Kayla believes pilates is about more than just physical strength—it's about achieving true balance and alignment. Kayla's unique full body approach inspires people to lead healthier, more balanced lives, expanding beyond the mat.

IG: @kaylaprincipato

What you can expect:⁠

+ Aromatherapy 
+ Breath and Balance
+ Mindful Movement 
+ Visualization and Affirmations
+ Meditation Moments:
+ Integrating Spiritual & Herbal Wellness

*Please bring your own yoga mat, drink refreshments will be provided. 

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