JERGON SACHA Amazonian Anti-Viral

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Jergón sacha is one of the more unusual and interesting rainforest remedies coming from the Amazon today. Its "signature plant" status as a snakebite remedy is well known in South America and highly regarded. Without proper research to validate its traditional ethnomedical uses, however, it may take time for it to be a popular herbal remedy in North America. It is hoped that, with increasing sales in Peru and Eastern Europe for jergón sacha, someone will answer the call to perform this much-needed research - especially as it has application for treating deadly viruses.
Also known as fer-de-lance, sacha jergón, erva-jararaca, jararaca.
Main Actions: May kill viruses, may neutralize venom, may neutralize toxicity, scientifically studied to expel worms (anti-parasitic), may reduce inflammation dramatically, may act as a potent antiviral, protease inhibitor (typically used for viral infections), immune-stimulant.

Main Traditional Uses in the Amazon:

- for snakebite
- for viral infections (HIV, hepatitis, whooping cough, influenza, parvovirus, and others)
- for upper respiratory problems (cough, bronchitis, asthma, etc)
- for spider, bee, scorpion, and other venomous insect bites
- as a topical wound healer 

Contraindications: None reported.

Continue reading on this extra-ordinary Amazonian staple for folk uses, and scientifically verified actions, here. By Leslie Taylor, ND 

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Medicinal Uses in the Amazon


To make a Poultice

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