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Discover Your Human Design

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Have you ever wondered how to really work with and own your energy? Come learn how to unlock your magnetism on Sunday, May 26th from 1pm-3pm at our Venice Apothecary, where we will dive into your unique Human Design chart with HD reader Chrystyna Strumbos.

Human Design is a tool to help you understand yourself through and through. It combines Astrology, the Chakra system and other spiritual systems to give you a look into your unique energetic blueprint. By using your birth date, time and location, we can get a look into who you are energetically and how you were designed for this lifetime from your Human Design chart.

Knowing your design can help you live more authentically, open your eyes to why you are the way that you are and help you magnetize your aura.

In this workshop, Chrystyna will walk you through the basics of your chart - the 5 Energy Types, Strategies, Authorities and an overview of the Profiles. These basics will help you understand your energetic purpose, how to make decisions that are right for you and show you your unique role in life.

This workshop is meant to empower, inspire and enlighten you in a fun and informative way. Our time will include Chrystyna’s presentation of the basics, some journaling and the opportunity to ask questions.

What you should bring:

  • Your accurate time of birth. We will be looking up our charts on our phones or laptops - an accurate time of birth is required to give you the most accurate chart and understanding of your design. It is encouraged to dig up your birth certificate or ask a parent!
  • A phone, laptop, or any device you can access the internet on
  • A journal

The Discover your Human Design workshop is perfect for those who are beginners/new to Human Design, or have light knowledge but are curious for more details and how to work with their (or another’s) design basics. 

Chrystyna Strumbos is a Human Design reader and coach that resides in Santa Monica, California and is the founder of Dawn Human Design. Her coaching has been described as transformative, enlightening, fun and translatable to real life. She enjoys opening the door of these tools to others so that they may better understand themselves, their relationship to others and their unique and powerful purpose. For more information or to book an in depth reading, check out or take a peek @dawnhumandesign on Instagram.


  • Due to limited availability please purchase your tickets online prior to the event.
  • Refunds will only be issued 24 hours or more prior to the event.

Discover Your Human Design
Discover Your Human Design


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