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HOLY TRINITY / Beauty, Immunity & Dreaming

$ 87

The 3 Essentials - Elixir kit

Now available as High Potency Elixirs! Extracted in 10:1 ratios and delicately composed with high vibrational fruits, peels and flowers and more.  

Curam / Soma / Dream

The Healer / The Protector / The Visionary

Enhance your life with next level organic supplementation. Start by building your own home apothecary with our complete set of Medicinal Superfood Elixirs. Each elixir is a pharmacy in itself, and together they act as a potent healing system - covering all the necessary organs for true wellbeing. Each one is a master regulator with deep adaptogenic results - enhancing the body's ability to heal itself and be in a state of ongoing balance.

Soma: Immunity Builder, Daily Antibiotic, Resilience.

Curam: Skin Detoxifier,  Anti-oxidant Rich, Vitamin C, Anti-aging

Dream: Insomnia's Antidote, Lucid Dreaming, Deep Sleep, Nervous System Tonic.

 *To read more on each elixir, please visit them under the Elixir page.


Recommended Intake:

1 tsp of Curam in the morning (Vitamin C, Beauty & Skin Health)

1 tsp. Soma in the afternoon (Whole Defense, Protection & Resilience)

1 tsp. Dream in the evening (Deep Sleep & Unwind)

*Recommended in your favorite, juice, smoothie or tea.

Each bottle contains 4 fl. oz.

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