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Ecstatic Dance Alchemy

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Gift your body the space to explore its intuitive expression through the healing waves of Ecstatic Dance, moving through a live set of worldwide music guided by DJ SAMI SOFIA on Saturday, April 27th from 7:00pm - 9:30pm at our Venice Apothecary.

Our bodies have the innate ability to release density through cathartic movement. Join us for an opening meditation circle with Rose Cacao before moving into an hour and a half of intuitive, playful, freeform dance in a safe space for healing and exploration with silent disco headphones. And finally, we will close in a circle around our garden fire 

What is Ecstatic Dance? This is your invitation to overcome the fear of expressing your
wilderness, especially in a substance-free, sacred space. It’s a chance to drop into your
heart, soul, and creativity, beyond the judgment of the mind and experience a state of
naturally induced ecstasy in your body with music as your partner.

What to bring:
• Comfortable, flowing clothing
• A warm layer
• Socks to dance warmly barefoot...
• Water

Note: To provide you with your own pair of silent disco headphones, we ask that you
reserve by April 24th latest in order to hold your spot.

You will leave feeling:
• Rejuvenated, inspired, whole
• Reconnected to your heart, body, spirit
• Empowered
• Aware of your love of nature

Sami Sofia Sneider is a filmmaker, intuitive DJ for freeform movement, and an alchemist of herbal medicine. She is passionate about creating sacred space for community to drop into authentic connection to each other, themselves, and to our Mother Earth. Her music style is highly inspired by her Latin American culture....blending primal sounds and vocals with house music to flow into deep states of trance and meditation.

IG: @samisneider

Ecstatic Dance Alchemy
Ecstatic Dance Alchemy
Ecstatic Dance Alchemy


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