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Dreaming with Blue Lotus

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Join us to dream with Blue Lotus: worlding in the unconscious mind under the light of the full moon this Friday, June 21st from 7:15pm-9:15pm at our Venice Apothecary.

Artist, herbalist, and plant dreamer, Paige Emery will be guiding a tea ceremony and hypnotic induction with sound to connect and journey with with Blue Lotus for guidance and renewal towards a greater ecological consciousness. . 

Blue Lotus is a plant revered throughout the ages for connecting one to one’s intuition, higher consciousness, and unconscious mind. This is the liminal realm in which our hypnosis journey will venture.  Hypnosis is a practice to commune with the deep levels beneath conscious awareness.  The hypnosis journey is a type of internal worlding that seeps into the way we exist in the world. A renewal from the deep, watery submersion of the mind, just like the conscious blossoming of the Lotus flower from murky waters. 

Please Bring:

  • Comfy attire

  • Yoga mat

  • Blanket and pillow

  • Journal and pen 

  • Open heart

  • Refunds will only be issued 24 hours or more prior to the event.

Paige Emery is an artist, herbalist and plant dreamer exploring rituals of remembering the Earth. Her work is interested in interweaving healing rituals and critical ecology, ancestral memory and embodied futurities, ecopoetics and socioenvironmental praxis.

As a practitioner of the healing arts, Paige has guided hypnotic inductions and tea ceremonies for “dreaming outside of someone else’s dream”- or, liberation from ingrained capitalist-colonialism patterns, raising ecological consciousness, and remembering the Earth-  at places such as The Getty Museum, Los Angeles, House of World Cultures, Berlin, and Gray Area, San Francisco, among many others. 


Dreaming with Blue Lotus
Dreaming with Blue Lotus
Dreaming with Blue Lotus


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