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Higher Self Activation

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Join us at our Brooklyn Apothecary, 7pm Tuesday April 23rd for a transformative journey with Kelly Keefe into the depths of your soul; an enlightening event designed to ignite the flame of connection between you and your Highest Self.

We will be emerging from eclipse season where the opportunity to come into Union with our Highest Timeline is moving through the collective. We will be utilizing this energy to release what doesn’t align with our highest Union and anchoring in what does.

In the serene embrace of sacred space, we will discuss Divine Union and cultivate this connection on the inner plane while opening the heart-space fully. The journey will be led by the wisdom of ancient practices and the power of collective intention. Through the alchemy of energy work, prayer, sacred cacao, and higher self activations, we will dissolve barriers and unveil the radiant essence that resides within.

Prepare to open your heart wide as we invite the divine to dance within us, harmonizing our beings with the infinite love and wisdom of the universe. Together, we will weave a tapestry of light, inviting healing and transformation to flow effortlessly through our souls.

Whether you are new to the path or a seasoned seeker, "Divine Union With The Highest" offers a sanctuary for all souls yearning to awaken to their true essence. Join us as we surrender to the sacred dance of union, embracing the boundless potential of our highest selves.

What the evening will entail:

  • Tea on arrival
  • Meditation & Guided Journey into Higher Self
  • Sacred Medicine of The Heart, Cacao
  • Wisdom Sharing & Integration Circle
  • Community Building 
Please bring a journal and pen with you for reflections and integration.

Kelly Keefe is a Reiki Master Teacher, Transformation Guide, Kundalini practitioner and Vibrational Artist passionate about helping people live from their Heartspace. Based in Costa Rica and serving globally, Kelly provides guided journeys, reiki trainings, and transformational group journeys supporting you to raise your vibration, create your reality from the heart, and activate your healing abilities.

Higher Self Activation
Higher Self Activation


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