CEREBRUM : Adaptogenic Brain Tonic

$ 22

Brain Booster | High Potency Tonic | High Bio-availability

A potent and energizing and brain-boosting tonic! Our Cerebrum Tonic was designed as a fast acting cognitive booster that can be easily used throughout the day. We’ve chosen the top herbs most research for their ability to increase memory, cognition, brain function while being uplifting and energizing to the mind and body. 

Many of these herbs like Gotu Kola, Brahmi, Ginkgo and Lion’s Mane have been revered by monks for centuries, as they assisted deep states of meditation and focused energy. These plants are excellent to assist you in your meditation practice, along with the plethora of healing benefits to the mind and spirit.

Key Benefits:

+ May boost cognition.

+ May boost brain function.

+ May boost memory and clarity.

+ Lion’s Mane boosts NGF production (Nerve Growth Factor). 

+ May energize and uplift the mind.

+ Assists with clarity and focused attention during meditation.

[R, R, R, R, R]

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