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Plant spirit meditation with ceremonial cacao

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Join us at our Brooklyn Apothecary on Thursday June 20th at 7:30pm for an evening of plant magic guided by the heart-opening medicine of Cacao. We will embark on a guided meditative journey to connect with the spirit of this sacred plant and start building a relationship with her.

Cacao has been revered for centuries for its ability to deepen our connection to ourselves and the world around us. In this intimate gathering, we'll come together to honor the ancient tradition of cacao ceremonies, learn about the nahual of the day and explore the transformative power of this beloved plant.

Through a guided meditation, Caro will lead us into connecting to the spirit of Cacao, facilitating deeper inner connection and spiritual insight. We will gather in a serene and nurturing environment to commune with the spirit of cacao and start building a relationship, or deepen our existing connection to this wise ally.
This will be an evening of self-discovery, healing and spiritual awakening with this special plant ally.

Whats included: 

  • Ceremonial cacao
  • Blue Lotus tea
  • Mayan calendar discussion
  • Guided meditation
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About Caro Arévalo
Caro is a Peruvian visual artist based in Woodstock, NY. Her artwork explores the plant and fungi kingdoms as seen with our naked eyes and through the microscopes. From her Amazonian heritage, Caro embraces the importance of rituals and ancestral wisdom, of embracing our unity with nature in our daily lives. Her medicine path has taken Caro to study our connections with plant kin, meditation and sound as tools of remembrance. Caro studies under Nana Marina Cruz from the Tz’utujil community from
Guatemala, with Florencia Fridman, Cacao Laboratory, Tibet House and others. Caro believes in the power of building non-human relationships and working in honor, reciprocity and respect with the communities that teach us the ways of remembrance. Her calling is to build space for our remembrance and connection to our own natural rhythms, connection to our hearts and nature with art, plant spirits and
meditation as allies.

Plant spirit meditation with ceremonial cacao
Plant spirit meditation with ceremonial cacao


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