anima mundi herbals elixir kit
Anima Mundi Herbals

An Entire Elixir Kit (Small)

5 Master Elixirs - Small Set

Soma | Curam | Ensueno | Viridem | Euphoria

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Get a taste of our top 5 elixirs. A easily portable supply of daily essential super herbs.

(Curam) Beauty & Anti Aging Elixir, loaded with natural Vitamin C and anti-aging chemistry.

(Soma) 6 Mushroom Immunity Power with potent adaptogenic qualities for daily defense.

(Viridem) Daily master detox with a megaload of vitamins and minerals.

(Euphoria) get high naturally! An exquisite joy tonic & seratonin booster.

(Ensueno)  Lucid Dreaming, a metaphysical sleep aid known to support deep sleep. 

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*For more information and ingredients on each elixir, please go to the Elixir page.

*Each elixir is formulated by a clinical herbalist, made with absolute Love and Care in NYC.

 *All ingredients are Organic or Wildcrafted, Vegan, NonGmo, and Gluten Free.

*All formulas are ALCOHOL FREE