Classic questions

Are you gluten free and vegan?

Yes! Our entire facility is gluten free and vegan. We only use 100% botanically derived ingredients. 

Are your products certified organic?

Not everything is certified organic, yet everything that we source we ensure that it's true quality. About 20% of our herbs are wildcrafted, and 80% are organic. Feel free to ask us or look at the label or the site for specific herbs, origin and if certified.

Are your products kosher?

A lot of our herbs are certified Earth kosher. Please keep in mind that a lot of our herbs are very rare and wildcrafted in the rainforest, so certifications don't really apply in certain parts of the world, like in Central and South America. Do know that we follow strict guidelines on sustainability and sourcing, ensuring our products are strictly botanical with no added fillers of any kind. This applies to organic certification as well.

*For a Certificate of Analysis of any particular herb within our inventory, contact us directly!

Are your formulas sweetened?

No! The vegetable glycerin is naturally very sweet. That is the sweetness you’re tasting. The only "sweetener" that we use sometimes is actual stevia leaf, like in our tea.

What is your vegetable glycerin derived from?

We use kosher and organically certified food grade vegetable glycerin. In no way do we use the biodiesel bi-product, which most vegetable glycerin based companies use because its cheap and very dangerous!. Our is derived from organic coconut and palm oil. 

What is the alcohol made out of?

It is GMO Free, organic and biodynamically farmed cane spirits distilled in oregon. We love cane as its gluten free and a lot more sustainable to farm than the other sources for classic spirits.

Why aren't all your formulas alcohol based? 

For several reasons at the moment. We are looking to get permits with the Alcohol & Tobacco Trade Bureau in order to sell our alcohol based extracts (that we love!) to be able to offer you both. Yet, this is a long process and requires a high amount of paperwork and investment to make happen for herbalists! So right now our vegetable glycerin is very high quality, and its excellent for kids, and folks not able to ingest alcohol. 

refunds | exchanges | shipping

What is your return policy? 

If you receive a product that you would like to return for a refund, the product must be returned at your expense. Purchases must be returned in the original packaging and must be in a new, unused condition. The original and return shipping charges will not be refunded. For all returns to be processed, it has to be within 15 days of receipt, if it's past the 15th day we will charge a restocking fee of 15% from the total order. We are not able to refund you the shipping charges as that is a cost we have to fulfill on our end as well.

How long does it take to ship?

Most of the time we take 1-3 business days to ship out orders. Sometimes if there are back orders, or if we have some items out of stock, it might take longer. We notify all customers if a shipment will be sent out in parts, or if you wish to exchange one of the items that might be back ordered or temporarily out of stock.

Do you ship internationally? And what kind of shipping do you use?

Yes, we ship worldwide! We use USPS Priority International or DHL for most orders, and it takes 8-14 days, depending on the shipping option you choose at checkout. We also offer expedited shipping with UPS or FedEx, which tends to be a bit more, but it will get to you faster.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes on all orders over $99 that are domestic. During promotions free shipping is not included unless advertised as such. If its not included within the description, it's not inclusive. 

Do you offer free shipping on international orders?

We don't unfortunately. We do offer ongoing promos and sales so stay tuned via our newsletter and blog for discounts.

Do the products get taxed when they ship internationally? 

Yes. Most of the time they are and it varies depending on the country. We do not assume these taxes, and have to be accounted for by the receiver. Samples and gifts do not get taxed, but regular purchases are taxed.

*We offer a $99+ free shipping for all domestic orders. We cannot include international orders as its quite pricey. We will do our best to get the best shipping rates for you.



If you have any other questions just shoot us an email!