Hi everyone, with a heavy heart we've had to be closed over the course of the last couple weeks due to the severity of COVID-19 in NYC. All of our staff members are at home, and we're hoping to start shipping orders as soon as it's possible. Due to shortages on raw materials, our usual production rhythm being shutdown, and staff shortages, our orders have about a two week delay from when the order was submitted. We are so grateful for your patience and support as we navigate these difficult and uncertain times.

If your box doesn't contain everything that you ordered, it means the product became out of stock within the last couple weeks. We can either fulfill at a later day (a 2-3 week delay) or we can provide a refund on the items that were not able to make it. For items that have a pre-order tab on them, be aware that they will ship separately when the items become available. Unfortunately we don't have exact time frames for these as it all depends on incoming raw materials, and the demanded quarantine within NYC.

Now more than ever we want to offer medicine to the people, and be part of the massive change that is birthing on a collective level. More than ever we want to give away medicine to those in need, and be a bridge that provides a form of natural health. We're praying that things improve, and that we are able to get back to work and provide powerful and potent medicines from nature.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued support during this time.

Stay well, Anima Mundi