PROSTATE Superpowder : limited edition

$ 25

Fathers Day Special! We've created a limited edition blend from our Brooklyn apothecary to supporting those seeking some prostate health. 

Our formula is composed of tonifying and nourishing herbs known to support the male reproductive system, particularly the prostate gland. Each herb within the blend dedicates to different aspects of prostate health, for example Reishi and Nettle root have had extensive studies demonstrating their preventative effects on general prostate imbalances. Nettle Root and Suma are also known for increasing and maintaining a healthy testosterone count. And Saw Palmetto is known as a nutrient dense powerhouse known to regulate and assist reproductive organs.

For more information on each herb, please visit our blog. 


*And, not to worry! We take prostate health seriously and will be having this limited edition product eventually stocked up on our shelves for you all to enjoy. Due to popular demand we've uploaded this special blend from our Brooklyn Apothecary, now online for all of you to enjoy everywhere around the world. 
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