Collagen Booster Combo *100% Vegan

$ 58

This 100% vegan formula is composed of herbs known to boost and protect the collagen within our own body. It's a mix of some of our favorite herbs, using infamous adaptogenic herbs like He Shou Wu and Gynstoemma, along with bone strengtheners like Horsetail, Nettles, and Comfrey, with assisting beautifying herbs such as Calendula.

Combo contains:

1x Liquid Plant Collagen  (4fl.oz)

A 5:1 high potency formula extracted mostly in organic cane spirits and 5% vegetable glycerin.

Ingredients: He Shou Wu^, Gynostemma^, Horsetail^, Nettles*, Calendula*, cane alcohol*, vegetable glycerin.

1x Collagen Booster Superherb Blend (4oz)

A mix of freshly dried plants, ethically wildcrafted or organic, along with extract powders for more efficient absorption.

Ingredients: He Shou Wu^, Gynostemma^, Horsetail^, Nettles*, Calendula*

  • Suggestions for use

Suggestions for use

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