JERGON SACHA | Amazonian Antiviral

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Antidote of the Rainforest

Jergón Sacha is one of the more unusual and interesting rainforest remedies coming from the Amazon today. Ethnobotanically, Jergón Sacha is considered a "signature plant": the plant's indigenous uses are directly related to its appearance. In this particular case, the trunk-like stem and its mottled coloring closely resembles a poisonous snake indigenous to the areas in which it grows. 

Local villagers as well as Indian tribes throughout the Amazon use the large tuber or rhizome of the Jergón Sacha plant as an antidote for the bite of these snakes. In addition to snakebites, the powdered tuberous rhizome is taken internally for asthma, menstrual disorders, chlorosis, and whooping cough in Brazilian herbal medicine. The root powder is used topically for scabies and the juice of the fresh rhizome is applied externally to treat sores caused by blowflies (and put directly on the site of a snakebite). It is touted there as a natural remedy to help against HIV/AIDS symptoms, cancerous tumors, gastrointestinal problems, hernias (as a decoction applied topically), hand tremors, heart palpitations, and to enhance immune function.

This plant is truly a treasure! Ours is wildcrafted by Indigenous Peoples in the Ucayali and Madre de Dios Region of the Peruvian Amazon. 

Key Benefits:

  • Antiviral, antibacterial, and antiparisitic* [R]
  • May neutralize venom and other toxicity* [R]
  • Anti-inflammatory*
  • Immune stimulant* [R]

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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Anti-Viral Tea

Add 1tsp of Jergon Sacha per 6-8oz of hot water. Allow to steep for 3-4 minutes. Add honey or other aromatic herbs such as cardamom, ginger, thyme, or rosemary to enhance the taste. You can also add this herb to your favorite chai, and/or combine with our other anti-viral formulas such as Cold's Cocktail or Black Elderberry Elixir for an added immune boost! Sip in prayer, and enjoy.

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