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Anima Mundi's 5 Master Elixirs 

Get a taste of our top 5 elixirs. An easily portable supply of daily essential superherbs. Each formula is carefully composed with herbs, adaptogens, cleansers and powerhouses known to support each particular organ system and area. We aim to use the highest quality wildcrafted and organic goodness to create high vibrational products.

2oz Curam Elixir - Anti-Aging + Beauty Elixir  /  *** higher potency available 11/1

2oz Soma Elixir -Mushroom Immunity + Natural Defense /  ***now higher potency 

2oz Viridem Elixir - Jungle Greens Detoxifier + Mineralizer / *** higher potency available 11/1

2oz Euphoria Elixir - Euphoria + Love + Mojo Booster ***now higher potency

2oz Dream Elixir - Calming + Lucid  /  *** higher potency available 11/1

- - -

*All elixirs are extracted in organic vegetable glycerin (soy free) and cane spirits. Made up of only botanical ingredients. No added sugars, and entirely gluten free.

*For more information on each elixir and their ingredients, please visit each one individually <3

- - -

*Each elixir is formulated by a clinical herbalist, made with absolute Love and Care in NYC.

Our kits are packed with eco-friendly materials so you can feel good about feeling good!


Lifestyle Elixir Photo by @SilkandWillow

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