Anima Mundi

Longevity Kit / Four Alchemical Essentials

$ 99.99

Longevity Medicine Box

Alkalize  + Protect + Nourish + Dream

Now featuring our newly launched Higher Potency Soma and Euphoria elixir. The Curam and Dream will launch 11/1. Stay tuned!

Enhance your life with next level organic supplementation. Within these elixirs you find the most potent botanicals ever studied in the history of botany. An entire medicine cabinet condensed into 4 medicinal power sources. Infuse your home apothecary with powerful superfoods.

Soma: Adaptogenic Immune Protection, Daily Antibiotic, Resilient Mushroom Superfood with Vitamin C.

Curam: Cellular Oxygenation, Skin Protector, Deep Nourishment, Anti-aging botanicals.

Viridem: Cleansing, Detoxification, Mineralizer, Phytonutrient Powerhouse.

Dream: Lucid Dreaming, Deep Sleep, Soothing Nervous System Tonic

Each one can be taken daily for optimum effects. Can be used intensively for a whole month, or have them within your medicine cabinet to use as needed. We also encourage to focus on a particular function week by week, completing the 1 month cycle of each particular elixir.

Suggested Intake: We recommend the elixir that you feel the need to work with. 1tsp in your choice of smoothie, juice or tea is a great way to enjoy your medicine. We also recommend ingesting it directly, at least 30minutes before a meal. 

Suggested Daily Plan:

1 tsp of Curam in the early morning (Energy) - before breakfast

1 tsp. Soma in the later morning (Protection) - with mid am/early afternoon snack

1 tsp. Viridem in the afternoon (Alkalize) - before lunch

1-2tsp Ensueno in the evening (Sleep) - before bed

Suggested Monthly Plan:

Week 1: Curam - Digestive System

Week 2: Soma - Immune System

Week 3: Viridem - Endocrine System

Week 4: Ensueno - Nervous System

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